In our series on Great Kiwi Families we get to meet kiwis (new and old!) who are doing cool things. Jackie Kulak is a new-to-New Zealand mum with an eye for style, whose whole family has had a new beginning. Not only has the family recently moved from the UK, but Jackie has opened a stunning new store in Takapuna – Grey +Wild. Here’s some more about Jackie’s new beginning.

Let’s start with telling us a bit about you – what do you do and what are your interests? 

I am a mum first, but I have also just opened a new kids concept store in Takapuna! I had my own kids fashion brand in the UK for five years. And after moving to Auckland from the UK in April last year, I decided to open Grey + Wild so I could share all the awesome kids fashion brands I found on my travels with kiwis & their littlies.

I don’t have much time for interests at the moment!!

Tell us a bit about what makes your family great.

We are all really supportive of each other and we laugh together lots!

What are your family’s favourite things to do? 

Long walks on the beach with the kids and our dog Coco, family movie night, bike rides, last minute trips away.

Our feature at the moment is about new beginnings.  Can you tell us a bit about what’s new for you? 

Pretty much everything at the moment, new country, new home, new shop! It’s exciting opening the doors to the store every day, meeting new people. Telling them about my passion, which is bringing a new style injection into kids wardrobes, high quality long lasting kids’ garments that stand out from the norm.  Our range covers everything from clothing to bedroom accessories and décor pieces to toys.  Most of the brands we stock are available in New Zealand for the first time….and feedback from our customers to date has been so positive.  Our range is for parents who want to share their taste and personal style with their children as well. The brands are adventurous, stylish, top quality and most importantly fun.

How has this new beginning affected your life? And your family’s life?

It was the best decision we ever made for us and our Children to move here and start this new life, it’s a truly blessed childhood kiwi kids have, and I’m so happy my kids will experience growing up here. Of course the opening of Grey + Wild will change how our family works on a day to day basis, but my husband and I work together to try to find a balance. The kids spent lots of time at the store during the summer holidays!

What advice would you give other people about starting something new? 

Just be brave and take a leap. Everything comes with risk, but it’s better to try & fail than to spend the rest of your life wondering what if.

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