Table tennis is a fast sport which is becoming popular in NZ. Whether you play for fun, or more competitively, table tennis is an indoor game for the whole…

Swimming is both a recreational activity and a competitive sport, and in a country surrounded by water, swimming is a skill that every child should learn. We overview…

Squash is a great way to encourage health and fitness in children. Face paced and fun, squash was recently named the healthiest sport in the world.

Soccer is commonly known as football around the world, but whatever the name, soccer is one of the biggest participation sports for New Zealand kids.

Snow sports are literally that – sports on snow – and no matter where you live in New Zealand, you are never too far away to play.

Rugby is one of the most popular sports for children in New Zealand. Whether you are watching or playing, rugby is a part of being kiwi. We overview…

Orienteering keeps both the body and the brain active, and because it can be enjoyed by all ages, orienteering is often referred to as a family sport.

Netball is one of our most popular sports, and as a mainstay in New Zealand schools, netball is an easy sport for children to get involved in.

Kayaking covers a range of on water sports, including kayaking on gentle rivers, white water, lakes and out at sea. Kayaking is a sport for the whole family,…

Judo is a combat sport derived from the ancient martial art of Jujutsu. Judo helps develop self defence, self confidence, fitness and discipline.

Cycling with kids

Cycling with kids is an easily accessible sport. As the saying goes, Cycling is as easy as riding a bike. We overview cycling as a sport for kids.

Bowls is often thought of as a game for older people,  but it is a game that spans generations. Played in singles or teams, Bowls is a fun, social…

Athletics involves so many disciplines that everybody can find something to suit them. A mainstay in NZ schools, athletics is an easy sport to start for most kids.