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You – yes YOU – are a successful mummy


You – yes YOU – are a successful mummy

Instantly, some of you will have thought “no, I’m not”. If that’s you, stop right there. That’s storytelling: a story that your mind is telling yourself. I’ve got a different story for you, and everyone who’s ready to listen to a new truth. It’s the story of why you, me, all of us are successful mummies.

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How can I keep my children safe… from me?


I was ready to be a mother at the age of four, it was 1978. Continue reading »

Healthcare: We all need to do our bit


According to statistics from the Health Funds Association of New Zealand (HFANZ), the health insurance industry funded close to a billion dollars in health claims in 2014. Continue reading »



Headaches are very common in the adult and adolescent population. Find out more about types of headaches, headache causes and treatment.

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Healthy during the menopause


Women often need advice on staying healthy during the menopause. Here are some great tips on feeling strong and healthy around the menopause. Continue reading »

Women and diet

Women and diet

Women and diet – we are obsessed by it! Women probably think about their diet more than any other health related issue. Continue reading »

Women and time out

Friends working together

Women need time outtime out from children, time out from household chores and even time out from their partners. Here is how to get it. Continue reading »

Women and exercise


Exercise – we women need to be passionate about it! Women who exercise feel great and look great, so here are some neat ideas. Continue reading »

Tubal ligation or female sterilisation

Tubal ligation-female sterilisation

This article on Tubal Ligation or Female Sterilisation explains how it works, who it is suitable for and the advantages and disadvantages of Tubal Ligation.

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Progesterone only- Mini Pill

Holding Birth Control Pills

This article on progesterone only, or mini pill, explains the advantages & disadvantages of the progesterone only pill as a contraceptive choice.

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