This article on Depo Provera Contraceptive Injection explains how it works, who the injection is suitable for, the risks, the side effects, and the advantages  and disadvantages of Depo Provera.

What is a Depo Provera injection?

Depo Provera is an injection of progesterone, which is administered every 12 weeks. Progesterone is a female hormone, which occurs as part of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Where and when can you get Depo Provera?

Depo Provera is available from your doctor, your Family Planning Centre or your midwife.

If you have just had a baby, you will be advised to wait 6 weeks before your first injection to reduce the risk of irregular bleeding.

How do Depo Provera injections work?

Depo Provera works by inhibiting, or preventing, ovulation each month. In other words the level of progesterone in the woman’s body prevents her from releasing an egg each month.

The progesterone also changes the lining of the womb, maintaining it as a thin layer, as opposed to the changing thickness that usually occurs during the menstrual cycle. The fertilised egg usually implants when the lining is thick and spongy.

If you receive your first Depo Provera injection within the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle (when your period starts) you will receive instant contraception. If it is later in your cycle then use additional contraception, such as condoms, for the first 7 days.

It is important to have an injection every 12 weeks – some women will get pregnant straight after these 12 weeks, even though for others it would take longer.

How much does Depo Provera cost?

Depo Provera contraceptive injections are available at Family Planning Centres in New Zealand at the following costs –

  • The injections are free to women under 22 years.
  • For women with a Community Service Card the cost is $5 per injection
  • For women over 22, without a Community Service Card, the cost is $22.50 per injection.

Family doctors will also offer Depo Provera injections and prices may vary. Contact your local GP to find out the cost for you.

What is the success rate of Depo Provera?

Depo Provera is very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is more than 99% effective – so if 100 women use Depo Provera for one year, less than one will fall pregnant.

Depo Provera does NOT prevent sexually transmitted infections or STIs. It is necessary to use a condom also to prevent infection.

What are the risks with Depo Provera?

Depo Provera has been linked to reduced bone density, which is increased in post menopausal women.

This risk is reduced if

  • you do not smoke
  • you take a healthy diet, rich in calcium
  • exercise regularly (e.g. walking or jogging).

What are the pros of these contraceptive injections?

  • Depo Provera is suitable for almost all women, unlike contraceptives which combine progesterone with other hormones, namely the combined pill.
  • Depo Provera reduces the risk of endometrial cancer – cancer of the lining of the womb.
  • It does not interfere with love making
  • It lasts 12 weeks
  • There is no stress of remembering to take a pill every day.
  • Periods are very light; some women get very few periods while they are receiving Depo Provera injections.
  • Some women report an improvement in pre menstrual syndrome (PMS).

What are the cons?

  • It is not suitable for women with breast cancer.
  • It is not suitable for women who may wish to get pregnant in the near future. Depo Provera does not affect your fertility, but it may continue to prevent pregnancy for approximately 6 months after your last injection (and for up to 2 years in some cases).
  • Some women experience irregular or prolonged bleeding when they first use Depo Provera. Speak to your doctor about this as this may be relieved by having your next injection sooner, or by taking oral contraceptives also for one month.

Some women experience side effects with hormonal contraception –

  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Decreased sex drive, or libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Headaches

Useful websites & articles

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To compare this contraceptive with the Combined Pill or Progesterone Only / Mini Pill, visit our informative articles.

To find your local Family Planning Clinic visit- 


Paula Skelton is a qualified NZ nurse and midwife, a midwifery & childbirth educator and the mum of three lovely girls.


  1. Libby Sheppard Reply


    I have just had my depo last Thursday arfternoon on the 5 of July and I have not had my period for the last ten years. Now I am 20 years old. I had sex for the first time on Sunday the 1st of July. Can I get pregnant when I have been on the depo jab for the last ten years.

    • Hi Libby, it possibly depends on how long it was before you had your last depo injection. Typically it takes around 6 months for your cycle to return to normal. That said, it’s plausible, and there are some small risks taking depo when you’re pregnant. So you may want to see your GP just in case. — Jarrod

  2. Mokgadi Seshoka Reply

    hi, i stopped using this injection in june 2017, 9 mounths now i have not been to my periods. should i be worried?

  3. Brii Kashh Reply

    Hello, I got my first injection the 3rd day of my period cycle here now is the 8th day and I am still bleeding tremendously and normally my period last up into 5days exact. Should I be worried?

  4. Stellah Cherotich Reply

    Hae am stellah I had my injection on 15 of October last year and it ended on January 15 this year so I decided not to go for another injection.I used the ecp pill after a week from that 15 but I did not receive withdrawal bleeding after a week of taking the pill.could I be pregnant or????Advise me !!!

  5. Hi there, I am 3 weeks late of my depo and I have had continuous bleeding since I practically chose to take the depo. Is this normal? I’m sick of the bleeding, its makes me so sleepy throughout the day, and I get moody. Can you please help?

  6. Hera-jasmine Kopa Taylor Reply

    I have been on Depp but I have stopped I’ve had 3 jabs all up I ts been 9months since I haven’t had a shot &I Wonted to know I’ve been getting my period every month since July it’s heavy the first day the next day it’s spotting and then stops please tell me is this normal???

  7. I got my shot for the first time on Aug 3rd. The first day of my period was July 26. Had unprotected sex on the 6th and 13th. Now I’m 6 days late. Can your period stop on the first month taking Depo?

  8. hi, i took the depo shot about a month ago and this weekend i had sex, i dont think he came inside but could i be pregnant??

  9. I’m 24 I have been on the shot for almost a year now and every time and my husband have sex there’s this pain during and about 2-3 days after is this normal?? And I also don’t have periods anyone is this something I should be concerned about

  10. nomfundo sithole Reply

    Hi I just wanted to ask if it is possible to get pregnant if I have sex if I had an injection a week ago please help

  11. Sorry this isnt bout depo but i couldnt find anyghing on the jadelle. I got it in two years ago straight after i had my son, by the sexual health clinic it was free. But they never informed me entirely about it. The whole two years ive had almosy constamt bleeding, severe headaces, acne i didnt kno why untill i looked into it also really bad discarge on the couple days a month i get off my period. Ive been back to the clinic and asked about these things, they always had an excuse, and gave me pills that just fuckd with me more, ive asked them to take it out but they refuse. Where can i go? How much will it cost? Has anyone else been like this?

  12. I had my first shot a week after my period came. Does this mean my period will come sooner or later or around the same time?

  13. Hi there, I got my first injection 19 days ago whilst i was on my menstrual cycle. for the past few days my stomach has been sore and now theres light pink blood. Is this normal? why has my period come back so soon?

  14. Hay so for about three or 8 weeks before I got my first depo ,I had been on the pill but I always forgot to take it then in the last four weeks of the pill I started having unprotected sex right up until two days before I had the injection. Depo was the 26 or 27 of March it’s now the 2 of may and I’ve started spoting for the last few days only so lightly feeling really sick every morning and omg the headaches.

    Kinda want to no if it sounds like it’s in my head or is this the side effects of depo

  15. Hi there, i got this injection on 10th march and until now i did not have my this normal??

  16. Hi,
    So I got my first ever depo provera injection and had unprotected sex after four days and not 7 as it’s adviced,particularly because my nurse told me that I’d be safe the 3rd day after the injection. I’m now scared because on googling I see it’s 7 days and not actually 3. What are the chances that I’ve conceived?

  17. Hey Rochelle
    I’ve been on the depo shot for two weeks now (as of today )
    And I had unprotected sex today….am I protected already ?

  18. I am a British citizen and I’m traveling to NZ on a working holiday visa for a year to two years I have been getting the depo jag for over a year now and I am not sure what I can do when in New Zealand. Is it possible for me to get this here/would it cost/do I need something to get this or prove that I get this back home. The nurses here are unsure and I go away in April!

    • Hi Sarah, It’s likely that you can just get this from a family doctor or Family Planning clinic. Contraception in New Zealand is heavily subsdised but I’m unsure whether this would apply to you. You could try contacting Family Planning and they should be able to offer more advice. Good luck!

  19. Hi. So i had unprotected on the night of my seventh day after the depo, could i get pregnant from this? (First time on the depo by the way).

  20. Hi. Im now 42. Yeah right… first time on this contraception. Always used the pill but its not convenient as sometimes i take it late or forget. So i decided on the injection. Im having my period now for 19 days straight. It was ok at first. But 4 days ago it became less bleeding. But an extreme pain. I did not had sex for about a month now and know im not pregnant due to my busy lifestyle of my career. Was this the wrong decision ay my age? My kids are 22 and 14. I am surely too old for more and with my boyfriend staying more than an hours drive away we dont see each other too much. But this is noe starting to be a problem as we did not had sex for 3 weeks before the injection and once after it… then the periods started. I got it 3 days after my regular normal.period. i just hope it will be over soon as well as we start a road trip without luxuries and camping within a week
    I guess with my research there is nothing one can do to speed it up or get it over. I was not informed about this or it might happen. So i have to deal with that. But was just wondering about age thing if that might have a bigger effect on the length in general or not.

    • The pain in my cervix is almost worse that the backpain i had before my back opetation 15 years ago.

  21. Mercedes Velasquez Reply

    So I got my depo shot a month late. I received my shot two weeks ago and i was not on my period nor have i started my period. My boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex about three times since my shot and he also ejaculated in me twice in a 24 period. Is it possible for me to get pregnant??

  22. Sara Richardson Reply

    Will I was on depo for 9 months 3 shots and I have been off for 2 years and I had one period for that 2 years…and its was last year and I haventvhad one seen then and I want to get pregnancy in the next 6 months want can I do to help get pregnancy never went to doctor… I am disable and don’t know how to go… and I have maidcare sorry for spelling…

  23. Hi I was on Depo after giving birth to our Son. I was only on Depo for 1year. I had no period for 4months then irregular/light periods for another 2months. I’ve had regular periods for the last 4 months but I’ve missed my period this month. We have been trying for another baby the hole time. We have taken two pregnancy tests and a blood test all have come back negative. I’m 11 days late. What’s going on ? could I still be pregnant?

  24. Dakota Wikotu Reply

    Hi there,

    I know one of the side affects is mood changes, my partner and i have noticed a dramatic change!! i seem to get in a mood very easily and struggle to get out of it. its painful for both of us. Is there a treatment/medication for stabilizing moods?

    Cheers x

  25. please help me i have been bleeding for almost 3 months now please what can i do to make it stop

  26. Lovemymorgy Reply

    Hiya I’m hoping someone can help, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to go to my GP I’m due for my next depo in October but recently I’ve been feeling not myself, after sex I had an unreal shooting pain once in my right side sort of like a real painful stitch. Also the bottom of my belly feels strange like a pressure. I’m constantly tired. Until I get time to go to see my GP I was wondering if anyone could help??

  27. Hi my name is Mercedes I’m 16 years old I’ve been on depo shot since Nov 15, 2013 I was supposed to get my next shot Jan 3, 2014 but I missed it.So I’m back on it now I had my last period July 28, 2014 and I got my shot on Aug 5 2014.I just had unprotected sex with my boyfriend this morning Omg I’m so scared I don’t want to get preggo I’m too young. I did some research earlier some people say the shot supposed to work within 7 days others said 5 days.I need to know the right answer can someone help me please? Thanks

  28. Hi…I’m hoping someone can help me out here…I have been on depo for about 5 years and came off last month, and since then I have had an IUD put in. I am wondering when the spotting will stop or if there is any way to stop the spotting and to get a regular period? I have been spotting since coming off depo and it’s getting extremely frustrating and embarrassing between me and my partner! Hopefully someone can help!

  29. I bled two weeks to my next shot En had sex in between, now I ve got nausea, breast tenderness am all Moody, am reluctant to see a Dr, could be pregnant

  30. sassyboo1000 . Reply

    I just got off my Depo Shot July8th 2014 Ive been on it Sense Jan.8 2014 now im trying to conceive a baby how long do I have to wait

  31. bradleyspeck Reply

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  32. Hi well I started depo 3 months ago and just went and got my second shot on Monday..the thing is I started my peroid the Thursday before and I’m still on ot when will it stop..

  33. I have taken depo for years I stopped to have my son and got pregnant in a month, after him I took pill and stopped to have another baby again only a month to get pregnant. I had hre in Dec 13 I got back on shot at 6 weeks and have never had a period with depo ever, but yesterday when I went to bathroom I had some pink/red spotting and stringy muscous/tissue discharge….I have been today still spotting/pink/red on and off…could I be pregnant even if I haven’t missed a shot? I have a lot of signs headache, high sense of smell, etc all the same with both pregnancies. thanks

  34. hi im 2 years taking my depo..but last may 15,2014 i forgot to take my depo..until now im waiting for my there a possible that i’m pregnant??i have my pregnancy test 3 times and its please:(

  35. hi, i got only 1 shot of depo on a february and decided to stop so missed my next shot on may but in may, i have been bleeding and thought i was menstruating but it was irregular till i had unprotected sex and the bleeding stopped. Now i have not seen my period a month now. Can i still be pregnant or is the depo still in my system even after 3months to prevent this pregnancy.

  36. nancy Alfred Reply

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  37. I received the depo shot ( for the first time ever) Monday around 1 and later that day around 5 I started to have extreme lower back pains. It has been continuous since then ( almost 30 hrs) and I’ve tried pain meds. Nothing is working and it’s almost unbearable. Could it be from the shot or maybe something else like a kidney infection? Please help I’d hate to wait this out and it gets worse.

  38. Glen Victoria Reply

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  39. HELP. I was due for my shot march 2014 but I wasn’t intimate at the time so I decided I would give my body a break(I got my first shot march 2013) i ended up getting it again on May 2nd, my 5th day of ovulation and had unprotected sex 3 days after. Is there a chance I could get pregnant?

  40. Hi I’ve had my period for 4 weeks now. And I’m just wondering if that’s just my body reacting to it or something else?? This is my second time on the jab and I’ve never had my period that bad before? Pls help!?!?

  41. Hey I’m having these symptoms sharp pain, bloating, lower back pain, spotting, peeing alot, uncomfortable to lie on side, stomach is extremely uncomfortable, tiredness, can’t eat much and I’m on depo, have been for about 10months however I’ve had to have almost all of my shots early and I’ve googled my symptoms an it comes up with pregnancy things I’m just really hoping it’s something

  42. Hey My name is tasha , i had my injection on the 31st of october and then after 3 weeks i had sex with my bf , in total we had 3 times sx and now after 3 days im geting to bleed a bit , what does this means ?

  43. I have had the depo-provera injection and it expired on 28 August. I have only had the first injection. I am currently trying to plan another baby. Will the injection still continue to prevent pregnancy for approximately 6months – 2years or not as I have only had the one injection?

    • Hi Danny,

      Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say as everyone is different and you never know what else may affect your fertility. Good luck with trying to conceive 🙂


  44. So on Thursday I got my shot but was late getting it. By a couple days did not have sex in those days. but on Friday I had unprotected sex. Then Saturday I have a mucusy blood coming out. And now by.Wednesday I still have it. And I have sharp pains on the bottom left of my stomach where my ovaries are where it kills to walk and cough . Could I be pregnant what is wrong??

  45. I have only had one shot of the depo, my last injection was due july 12th 2013 it is now 4th of august (ino a very short time) but me an my partener are wanting a baby 🙂 We realise we may have to be patient but i started bleeding 4 days after the 12th of july (day my jab ran out) does this mean i may able to become pregnant faster as i bleed straight away? Ive read most women dont start bleeding/spotting for up too 18 months after their last jab.

  46. Pingback: google

  47. Been on the needle for 11yrs. Spotted only when I was late getting the nredle. This time I was on time. But she injected me in the back. Next day back aches. Then abdominal pains and back pain together. Spotted for a few days. Should I be worried???

  48. What happens if the nurse injected the depo into the back instead of the butt?

  49. i had my baby last year in April, about 2 and a half months ago i had the shot. (my periods had still not returned since having the baby) about 2 weeks ago i started light bleeding. is this normal? should i get it checked? I was told the injection would last 3 months which i was happy with as i would like to try for baby number 2 after this one wears off.

  50. Hi there… just about all your answers to the questions below say go see a GP or FP clinic…
    Why bother to have the facility to ask questions available in the first place?????
    Maybe a doctor would could be employed to answer some of them… just sayin..

    • Hi Rainbow,

      It would be irresponsible for us (or any doctor!) to answer these questions without actually examining the person. If you have specific questions about your health, you are always best to talk to someone in person.



  51. Hi. I only have 3 days of menses. I had my depo shot on the second day. Am I protected if I have sex right away?

  52. Hi
    I’ve been on the depo for nearly 8 years. I had a bleed to weeks ago inbetween my injections. I’ve got my next injection next week. I’ve had sex inbetween this time. Is the depo still working if a bleed occurs.

    • Hi there,

      If you’re concerned, the best thing to do is take a pregnancy test or see your GP or Family Planning clinic – they’ll be able to help with your specific case.



  53. I was a week late to get my depo (apparently was still “safe”) went to get the injection again, not knowing I was actually pregnant. They did a test but I would have been too early to tell. Now the only legitimate info I can find on the net is that its bad to recieve it within the first three months of pregnancy. Can’t abort after seeing the scan but just so worried that some of the info on the internet may be true about birth defects and prem labour.

  54. Hi I am 3 weeks late for depo and ive been having
    symptoms like bloating, pain in lower tummy and cervix, frequent urination and
    headaches. Is it possible that im pregnant?


  55. mummyoftwo Reply

    hi! im planning to have a depo injection for 6 months and do the jadelle implant after that. is this safe?

  56. I had depo provera after my first baby and really regretted it. I had very irregular bleeding for about 9 months and having sex was really painful (I had had a caesarian so it was nothing to do with the birth). This was really draining physically – it’s quite distressing having a period for one week and then getting another one for another week one week later! My periods took about a year before they were back to normal. I also had a miscarriage 18 months after my first baby – devasting and traumatic as I bled excessively and had to go to hospital for a blood transfusion. Maybe the miscarriage had nothing to do with depo provera but because of all the other side effects I don’t think it can be ruled out. It seems an easy option but I tell everyone I know not to touch it with a barge pole!

  57. I have just started on the depo injection and am wanting to no for sure that it won’t damage me in the long run, I have pcos (polysystic ovarian syndrome) and want to know if it is safe for me to use the nurse and my gp say it is but after reading more about it I’m not sure it’s going to be good for me, if you are not sure could you recommend somebody I can talk to that will give me good medical advise that suits my condition. I feel I already have some fertility issues and don’t want to further narrow my chances of having a baby in future thanks

  58. Hey can someone please help me?.. I’m really worried. I only took one depo shot and then decided not to continue with it. My period has still not returned, how long does it usually take to return? And is there any chance that this could affect my fertility?

    • Hi there,

      The average return to fertility is 9 to 10 months after the last injection. However, for some woman, it can take longer so it’s hard to say. If you are concerned, the best thing to do is have a chat with your GP.

      Good luck!

  59. hi, i had one depo jab in dec2011 after the three months of being on it my periods came back but were slightly messed up id have two periods amonth sometimes but as of todays date 20 nov i havent had a period for nearly two months ive tried 5 cheap pregnacy test but all came back negative im begging to think that theres something wrong with me ha x

  60. hi i had a baby 9 weeks ago and got the depo shot 2 weeks ago and didnt use protection can i still get pregnant

    • Hi Jamie,

      Congratulations on your baby! Depo-Provera is effective immediately after the first shot if given within the first five days of your menstrual period. It is typically 99% effective but if you’re in doubt, you should try taking a pregnancy test.

  61. Hi, I started taking depo after my first baby and regularly had one for the past 5 years. Now I am planning my second baby and had my last Jab in Feb 2012. For last couple of weeks I am having severe pain in my lower abdomen and feeling dizzy all the time. Just wanting to know if its normal and what I should do to get rid of the pain. thanks

    • Hi Miki,

      It’s impossible to know what’s going on without getting properly examined but I would suggest that you consult your GP so that they can check you out properly.

      Kind regards,


  62. Very Happy Reply

    Hi Ive just had my depo couple of days ago, was on it previous for 12 years it was awesome didnt get a period the whole time, Then came off it to try for a baby everyone said it will take years, well within 2 months pregnant, my baby is 15 months old now, hopefully I wont get a period ( save lots with no tampons to purchase) Ive read some negative stuff but you have to remember everyones different,But it worked awesome for me.

  63. barbiedollie Reply

    after the 1st injection, my menses was delayed a week. Ever since, my menses or bleeding up till now, which is almost for 3 weeks. Is this common? In addition, i also do notice the bleeding came at certain timing, is it common as well? I went to GP and told him the problem, but he does not make any comment. Will it get better if i get another jab?

    • Hi barbiedoll,

      Different people react differently to the injection but if you are concerned, you should certainly see your doctor again. If you feel that your doctor wasn’t as responsive as you would like, you might like to consider seeing a different doctor.

      Good luck,


  64. this is kind of personal but i really need to know . a few months ago i had an abortion an was given this as my contraceptive plan . although since i was injected with it , iv been bleeding (but only lightly) all the way through it , even up till now . is this because of the depo povera or is it causes of my abortion ? help please

    • Hi there,

      It’s really impossible to know without examining you – it’s possible that it could be from either. The best thing to do is to visit your GP or Family Planning clinic and get checked out 🙂


  65. i started on the depo provera june 21 but haven’t had a period since. even though i was due for a period the week after the injection. not sure whether it will just stay away now or if i’m pregnant and shouldn’t go in for the next injection september 21. I think i have gained quite a bit of weight, which was for me the biggest reason to go on the depo. after my first baby i never got back to my old weight and was underweight

    • Hi Jojo,

      Glad to hear that the injection seems to be working for you… it works differently for everyone so it’s really hard to say but if you are concerned, the best thing to do would be to visit your doctor.



  66. i got my shot 2 weeks ago when i started my period after having my first baby and i am still on my period when will it end it is driving me insane

  67. I would never ever recommend anyone use this form of contraception but that’s just my opinion. I had two lots of it then went off it and never got a period for 7 years! I wasn’t able to conceive during that whole time. Some may say wow, no period for that long, awesome. Yeah it was for the first few months but then it went on and on and I wanted another baby but couldn’t during that whole time. Then one day it just came back and I finally had my second baby.

  68. I had my last injection on the 8th of february 2012 in total i had the injection 3 times. im also trying for a baby, and nothing seems to be happening, what else can i do to help?

  69. would going on a sunbed or in the natural sunlight effect the skin i,e leave pigmentation marks does anyone know.  I have only had this injection for the first time and have not asked the doctor this question.  Has anyone got any information on it.

  70. i have been on the depo for more than 3 years ( its the only Contraceptive i can go on)  , i only get a small amount of bleeding and this is happens just before my next jab is due, is this normal?
    also my husband and i plan to start trying for a baby late next year, when should i come off the depo?

    • Hi Mel,

      I can’t advise about the bleeding- although someone do experience a small amount of bleeding- best to chat to your doctor about this next time you go. In regards to getting pregnant, Depo Provera can affect your fertility for up to 6 months after you stop taking it. It is, of course, impossible to know whether you will get pregnant straight away or whether it will take some time… 

      Hope that helps! 


  71. Jessica-christie Reply

    I have had my last depo jab in october 2011. I had 3jabs in total . How do i know if i can get pregnant again. Trying for number 3.

    • Hi Jessica-christie,

      The average return to fertility is 9 to 10 months after the last injection and, generally speaking, by 18 months after the last injection, fertility is the same as that in former users of other contraceptive methods. 

      So, I guess what that means is that the drugs may still be affecting your ability to conceive. Shouldn’t be too much longer, though 🙂 

      Good luck! 


  72. thx Rochelle,
    Well took a pregnancy test and it came up negative but I will take another one in April and see if the results change.. I’ll keep you update!!

  73. Hi has anyone had sex before the 7 days the injection comes into affected and has fallen pregnant just wandering as this is the first time I’ve used the depo injected the lady said it will take 7 days before its safe but I have had sex 4 days into it so I’m not too sure what to do now just going to see what happens, well they says its 100% affective so hopefully that counts for having sex before the 7 days… I’ll keep you updated!!

  74. hi im 39 and had the depo injection three months ago, my periods last forever now! i used to be very regular and honestly since having the depo my last period lasted 8 weeks! i am now on the mini pill norethisterone and have been on it for 2weeks with no change and am stil beeding so now its been 10 weeks of bleeding. ive abbout had enough, i know its birth control, but i was expecting i could still have sex! i dont know wat to do!

    • Regarding contraception options, you are best to talk with your GP and/or Family Planning – perhaps also a consultation with a naturopathic medical herbalist could assist to bring your constitution into improved equilibrium.

  75. I have only just found this site looking for info on the depo injection,
    the info i read was helpfull but i would like to ask a question or 2.
    have been useing depo Provera for 2 years and finish my last injection 2
    weeks ago. During my time on the depo i did have a small amont of
    bledding and expected to get my period as soon as i had finished my last
    injection, but there has been no bleeding at all. Is this somthing i
    should werry about or is this normal? will i get my period befor i can
    get pregnant again? and how long will it take untill my menstrual cycle
    gets working again?.

    Thanks x

  76. Hi Marie

    Depo-Provera is an injection of Progestin (as a
    long-acting slow-release synthetic progesterone hormone) which as you
    know gives 3 months contraception.

    Progesterone reduces your
    body’s production of Leutinizing Hormone so Ovulation (release of eggs)
    is inhibited. Progesterone also thickens your cervical mucous inhibiting
    sperm motility, fallopian tube motility and your endometrial
    receptivity. In other words – your body does not ovulate (or
    subsequently have periods), because it thinks its already pregnant.

    some women, comiing off any hormonal contraception (eg injection or
    pill) can result in their body almost instantly returning to a fertile
    state, of regular ovulation (release of eggs) and menstruation (period

    For other women, it can be a slower process for their
    body to return to its non-pregnant state of regular ovulation and
    menstruation. Every body is different. So unfortunately I’m unable to
    say how long you could expect to wait until you ovulate again … But
    remember, we ovulate BEFORE we menstruate (in other words, you could
    potentially fall pregnant before having a first period).

    If you
    were to find quite some time had gone by before your ovulation and
    menstruation cycles returned – then sometimes checking in with a skilled
    naturopathic herbalist or classical homeopath can have excellent
    results for assisting women’s bodies to return to homeostasis
    (equilibrium balance) after being on synthetic hormone contraceptions.

    All the very best,

  77. Hello,

    I am a British citizen coming to NZ on a working holiday
    visa. I am currently on the Depo Provera injection and wanted to enquire
    as to whether it is readily available across the country and the likely
    costs I would incur to receive the injection?

    Any information would be greatly received.

    Many thanks

  78. Your best option could be to contact your local Family Planning clinic – they are experts at contraception.

    Kind regards

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