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9 ways to avoid picky eater power struggles

9 ways to prevent picky eater power struggles

We parents can feel consumed by our role to care for our children, and feeding is a big part of that responsibility. Try these 9 ways to avoid picky eater power struggles at your dinner table. Continue reading »

31 Tips for travelling with family food allergies

traveling with food allergies

Travelling with children, and family members, who have food allergies can add extra stress to family holidays. The secret is to plan ahead! Check out our tips for travelling with family food allergies.

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Coeliac disease


In recent times, there seems to have been significant growth in the number of people developing Coeliac disease. Some of our food and lifestyle changes contribute to this.  Continue reading »

Food allergy symptoms and diagnosis

Food allergies - peanuts

This article on food allergy symptoms and diagnosis gives great advice and information on allergies and nutrition for families in New Zealand. Continue reading »

Dairy free party food


Making dairy free party food is not as hard as you think. Here are some great dairy free recipes, and tips for providing dairy free alternatives to traditional party food.

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Peppermints and chewing gum – a tale of wheat intolerance


Do you know that many confectionery items include wheat glucose syrup? If you’re intolerant to wheat, eating these items can cause problems for you. I’m intolerant to wheat and it took me 30 years to find out. I hope that if you, or a family member, are wheat intolerant, that this article will help you to understand the problem and the dietary changes required.

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