Writers: Genevieve Simperingham

Genevieve Simperingham

Genevieve Simperingham is founder of the New Zealand Peaceful Parent Institute. She  is passionate about supporting parents and helping them learn how to stay emotionally connected with their children through the inevitable conflicts. Genevieve is also mum to two young people who have been her greatest teachers.

Helping children adapt to change

children adapt to change

Children are constantly grappling with increasingly new amounts of information, environments, activities, expectations, people and so much more. Helping children to adapt to change, and to become more resilient as people, is a vital life skill for parents to teach.  Continue reading »

9 ways to avoid picky eater power struggles

9 ways to prevent picky eater power struggles

We parents can feel consumed by our role to care for our children, and feeding is a big part of that responsibility. Try these 9 ways to avoid picky eater power struggles at your dinner table. Continue reading »

Using empathy to deal with your child’s emotions


For our children, just the same as it is for us, there are times when they have their big difficult feelings that really need loving attention.  No matter how committed we are as parents, our children still have their daily ups and downs and sometimes their frustrations mount.

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Back to school- excitement or dread?


All around the country families are starting to prepare for their child’s return to school or starting school for the first time! We’re finding or buying school bags, books, clothes, sandals, uniforms for some and generally starting to get our heads into gear for the big transition back to school. For some of you, your child will be starting in Year 1, for many, your child is moving into a new class with a new teacher, with new children and for some it’s a change of school. But for most of us, there’s a lot to think about and prepare. One thing’s for sure, it’s a transition and such a transition can bring its challenges as well as excitement! Continue reading »

Birthdays in the family


The importance of family traditions. Family rituals and traditions bring us together; they connect us and become part of each family’s identity. Birthday celebrations are amongst the most important traditions for most families. Each family celebrates differently, strengthening the family’s identity, while the habit of marking birthdays in one way or another crosses the divide of many different races and cultures. Birthdays offer us a chance to step out of the mundane and focus on sharing joy and celebration together. They offer moments of heightened meaning, birthdays punctuate our life’s journey. They offer a time to stop and reflect, to honour the year that’s been and pour positive wishes into the year to come.

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