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Eric Bakker

Eric Bakker is the clinical director of The Naturopaths and holds a Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Complementary Health Care, as well as separate diploma qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. Eric has 20 years clinical experience in natural medicine, and received post-graduate natural medicine training in Australia, India, America as well as New Zealand. Eric has four children and lives in the sunny Hawkes Bay

Hair loss in women


A common complaint we hear in the naturopathic clinic is hair loss. Do you think that hair loss is a condition that only affects older men or a few women as they hit menopause? Think again. Continue reading »

Burn out


Hotels and restaurants, and education lead the field in burn-out. One in ten workers suffer from burn-out. In the hotel and restaurant sector the proportion of people suffering from burn-out has increased substantially. Continue reading »

Weight management and diets


Many people are desperate to lose weight to look “hot”, and some actually even want to become healthier! It is unfortunate that we live in an age where it is all about appearances – and it is this reason I believe that many are desperate to lose weight fast, at just about any cost. Liposuction clinics are the extreme end of weight loss, but are getting to be surprisingly more common and acceptable in society. Continue reading »

Great reasons to lose weight


If you know that you are overweight, there are some great reasons to consider losing weight.  Continue reading »

Weight, carbs and lifestyle


Much more likely – remember what we said about the insulin sensitivity and inflammation. But, carbs are not the main reason you get fat, they are a large part of the equation. It’s the snacking, the boredom, the less activity through computers and the fast food culture we have created to a big degree too. Continue reading »

Weight management


People often ask me the same questions: “How do I lose weight ?”, “Should I be on a high or low protein diet to lose and maintain my weight ?” or the classic one: “Why do I put all that weight back on that I lost a year or two ago when I went on a diet?” Continue reading »

Ulcerative colitis


It is surprising how common ulcerative colitis is today, I used to see a case every two to three months in the late 1980’s, but now I see almost one case every fortnight. Could this be that more colitis patients seek help by way of natural medicine, or could it be that this condition has become much more prevalent? Continue reading »



Have you ever noticed how some people have an inner calm about them? They appear serene like a calm pond whilst others seem more turbulent like Cook Strait on a winter’s day. The difference is often in the state of mind and with a little practice and effort you will be surprised how easy it is to “cultivate your calmness”. Continue reading »

Treatment of osteoporosis


Eric’s first article on Osteoporosis covered the Causes, Risk Factors, Signs, Symptoms. This article overviews the Prevention of and Treatment for Osteoporosis, including diet, exercise, vitamin D, nutrient supplements, and lifestyle. Continue reading »



The NZ Orthopaedic Association President Professor Geoffrey Horne, said the predicted burden of osteoporosis on the NZ health system generated by the over 60s was alarming. The numbers of people affected by osteoporosis in New Zealand will increase by an amazing 201 percent in the next 50 years. Women have a four-times greater risk of developing osteoporosis than men, with post-menopausal women at greatest risk. Continue reading »

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