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3 Women’s Health Checks Every Mum Needs to Know

womens health checks every mum needs to know

If you’ve had a baby, you likely attended a 6-week postnatal check with your obstetrician, midwife, or GP. But you may not have had a postnatal check with a women’s health physiotherapist. Find out more about the postnatal women’s health checks every Mum needs to know.  Continue reading »

The 5 P’s of Normal Labour and Birth

5 P’s of Normal Labour and Birth

Kiwi Families resident midwife expert, Kathy Fray, breaks down the textbook version of the birthing process. But she adds in a fundamental process that all expecting Mothers need to consider – preparation. Find out more in the 5 P’s of normal labour and birth. Continue reading »

Promoting Natural Childbirth

Promoting Natural Childbirth

This article gives information to NZ parents on promoting natural childbirth and advice on how to keep the birth as natural as possible. Continue reading »

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