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Sleeping on Your Back Can Cause Stillbirth

Sleeping on Your Back Can Cause Stillbirth

A University of Auckland-led international study published today provides the strongest evidence yet that sleeping on your back, in the last three months of pregnancy, more than doubles the risk of stillbirth.

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5 signs you might have prolapse after giving birth

signs of prolapse after birth

There’s a number of physical complications that pregnancy can cause. One of these is pelvic organ prolapse. This can cause swelling, bulging, lower-back, abdomen or pelvic pain, as well as both urinary and fecal incontinence later in life. If you’ve given birth, find out about the 5 signs you might have prolapse after birth. Continue reading »

HIV positive and pregnancy- a personal story


I was 32 when my partner and I found out at the same time we were HIV positive. It was a real test of our relationship as we didn’t know who had given it to whom but with fantastic support we managed to move on from blame and paranoia. Continue reading »

Miscarriage Support

Miscarriage Support

Despite the name, Miscarriage Support Auckland is not only for Aucklanders. Continue reading »


measurement of the blood pressure

Pre-eclampsia is a condition of pregnancy and affects many women worldwide. This article explains pre-eclampsia and the implications for mother and baby

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Ectopic pregnancy


Ectopic pregnancy is a potentially life threatening condition. Read about the causes and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and treatment for the condition.

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As many as one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Find out more about the causes, symptoms, risks, and treatment for miscarriage for women in New Zealand today.

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Bleeding in pregnancy

bleeding in pregnancy

There are three main causes of bleeding in pregnancy. Find out why bleeding in pregnancy should always be checked out by your maternity carer.

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Heartburn in pregnancy

Woman Holding Cup of Water and Lemon

Increased hormone levels of progesterone in pregnancy relax all the smooth muscles in your body. Between your stomach and your food pipe to your throat (oesophagus) you have a sphincter which is made of smooth muscle.

As this relaxes in pregnancy it is common to get heartburn – the acid in your stomach rides back up your food pipe, causing an unpleasant burning sensation. This is made worse by the pressure of your baby on your stomach at the end of pregnancy.

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Nausea in pregnancy


This article on nausea provides you with some really useful nutritional tips for nausea in pregnancy.

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