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Get a free trial from Kumon


Have your child join over four million students around the world who are experiencing the benefits of this unique method of learning. Over a two-week period, students will have the chance to learn through the Kumon Maths or English Programme and attend a Kumon Education Centre for four class days. Continue reading »

17 Easy ways to encourage your preschooler to read and write

17 Easy ways to encourage your preschooler to read and write

Why is it that some children love to write and draw and for others it’s a struggle to get them to even pick up a pencil? Encouraging your preschooler to read and write at this age is all about encouraging them to develop a love of learning.  Continue reading »

Top tips for helping your child to be a successful reader


The years leading up to school strongly influence your child’s attitudes and abilities towards reading. A home where stories are treasured and shared and where books are at a child’s level and explored daily will build a great foundation for literacy. Equally those first few weeks and months at school are important for your child in developing an enjoyment of reading, a positive attitude to learning and starting off as a confident reader. If you create a calm and positive environment where your child wants to read and feels confident in their abilities, these positive attitudes will flow on to their future years at school. Continue reading »

Make going to the library a regular fun outing


Public Libraries provide weekly sessions full of fun for young children. They have action songs, stories and fun activities for you and your child. There is no cost for this. You can get 20 free picture books every week as well. No need to buy lots of books for your read aloud sessions at home. Continue reading »

Make books easily accessible


Put a basket of books in every room. Books are easily put away if a basket is nearby. Make the reading corner cosy by using a comfortable chair or cushions to make a “reading nest”. This is the “relax and read” place. The message this sends to children is that books are to be enjoyed and are very important! They are fun too!




Read aloud to your child as early as possible


It’s never too early to read aloud to your baby. Babies love colour and the sound of Mummy’s or Daddy’s voice. They love faces too. Cloth or card books with things to feel and wheels to spin are favourites. Flaps to lift are fun too. If the story is too hard but the pictures are big, colourful and fun, make up your own words with lots of exclamations and repetition. Your baby will love it!



Read aloud to your child


Reading aloud is the most important thing you can do to switch your child on to reading. Read the book and love it before you read it to your child. Become the characters as you read, using different voices and facial expressions to make the book come alive. Dive into the world of fantasy with them. Make books fun!

If you read one book a day, that will be 365 books a year.  More than one book a day is even better.




Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam by Juliette MacIver


“Then down to the river came a little green frog and a hog from the bog and a dog on a jog, all a-quiver by the river where Marmaduke swam – Marmaduke Duck eating marmalade jam.” Charmingly written and gorgeously illustrated, this book by New Zealand author, Juliett MacIver, is a delight.

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Hairy MacLary and Friends: a touch and feel book


This book features all of the characters from the first Hairy MacLary book in a touch and feel form. It’s a larger format than most other board books in the Hairy MacLary series.

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Waiting for Later by Tina Matthews


Waiting for Later is the most gorgeous, whimsical story about a little girl who wants to play and do things with the other members of her family but they’re all busy. She keeps being told that she needs to… wait for later.

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