Reading aloud is the most important thing you can do to switch your child on to reading. Read the book and love it before you read it to your child. Become the characters as you read, using different voices and facial expressions to make the book come alive. Dive into the world of fantasy with them. Make books fun!

If you read one book a day, that will be 365 books a year.  More than one book a day is even better.




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Barbara Morris, author of “Leading to Reading the easy way”, spent most of her career as a primary school teacher, a new entrant teacher and a specialist reading teacher for the last 26 years. When her grandson was four years old he wanted to read so Barb and her daughter searched for a resource to help them. Unable to find a suitable resource, Barb decided to research the acquisition of pre-reading skills and after seven years wrote, Leading to Reading the easy way. Barb’s book covers all the pre-reading skills your children need to know to give them a great start to reading and writing at school.

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