Have your child join over four million students around the world who are experiencing the benefits of this unique method of learning. Over a two-week period, students will have the chance to learn through the Kumon Maths or English Programme and attend a Kumon Education Centre for four class days.

Students like Alicia have already seen benefits from joining the Kumon Free Trial in 2014. Alicia’s mum, Megan said, ““Her Free Trial experience was great. I wanted her to start early and the Free Trial just got her in so she could start the programme. Now she goes in to the Centre, picks up her booklet and she just does her work happily,”

Alicia is now in Year 1 and is already learning maths concepts ahead of her grade level.

“After the first day of school, the teacher said to me that Alicia is fantastic at calculating maths,” Megan said. “My children are just like any other child but it just goes to show you, when you put in the effort, there are rewards.”

Contact your local Kumon Education Centre to register for this Free Trial opportunity. Call 0800 458 666 or visit nz.kumonglobal.com. Terms and conditions apply.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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