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Kylie Valentine

Kylie Valentine is a qualified secondary school teacher, trained journalist, and the mum of two fabulous children.

Special education

Special education

The Ministry of Education (MOE) believes every child and young person can be educated and every student in New Zealand has the right to take part in education and to learn through the New Zealand Curriculum. Special Education is the providing of extra help, adapted programmes, learning environments, or specialised equipment or materials to support Special Needs children and young people with their learning. Continue reading »

Introduction to secondary school

Introduction to secondary school

Secondary school is where students go to be educated once they have completed primary and intermediate school. It is also known as college, high school or grammar school. Students study for five years at secondary schools beginning in Year 9 and finishing at the end of Year 13 (see Year Structure). Students are normally aged 13 years when they begin at secondary school and finish when they are about 18 years old. Continue reading »



Homework becomes a much more important part of education once your teenager reaches secondary school. It is likely that your son/daughter will have homework every school night until they leave college! Daunting?  Continue reading »

Keeping in touch with the school

Choosing the right school

Communication between parents and the school becomes more important as your child gets older.  We give you some ideas about who to make contact with at intermediate school. Continue reading »

How will my child be learning at intermediate school

How will my child be learning at intermediate school

It can be confusing trying to understand how your child will be learning at intermediate school.  Read an overview about the Intermediate school structure, NZ curriculum, and educational goals. Continue reading »

Introduction to intermediate school


Going to intermediate school can mean quite a change in the way your child learns. Find out more about this crucial stage in our introduction to intermediate article. Continue reading »

Understanding school reports


No matter how in touch you are with what’s going on at school, school reports will give you the most detailed and accurate ‘snapshot’ of how your child is doing. However, sometimes, understanding school reports can be pretty tricky.  Continue reading »

School visits

Having a heart connection with your child

School visits are one of the many chances you have to help ready your little one for the next step on the NZ education ladder. Continue reading »

Walking school bus

Walking school bus

There’s a new buzz on the streets and roads of New Zealand towns and city’s…the buzz of the walking school bus. Continue reading »



There is huge emphasis placed on our children coming away from school at the end of their ‘education careers’ as literate and numerically capable beings, for want of a better word. So what does this mean for our kids. Continue reading »

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