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Bento Ninja lunchbox system

bento ninja lunchbox system

The lovely people over at Bento Ninja sent us the Ultimate Ninja pack lunch box to review. Read the full review »

Delicious nut and honey muesli bars recipe

Nutty bars
These nutty bars are a wonderful snack for kids (and their parents!). I use honey for sweetener, which makes them a little more healthy than some store bought, but still a little decadent. Your kids will love these delicious nut and honey muesli bars!

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Finding the perfect lunch box

Finding the perfect lunch box

See our article Choosing the right lunch box.

Lunch box ideas – it doesn’t have to be so hard!

lunch box ideas

School lunches… I can hear you groaning from here. They are one of those chores that causes a lot of worry and stress. Continue reading »

How to get out of the Lunchbox Rut – Easy, Healthy and Fun Recipes


Get out of the Rut

Putting your kid’s lunchbox together can be boring. It involves ticking off a mundane checklist as you quickly fling items in: sandwich – check, fruit or vegetables – check and maybe a biscuit – oh go on then! Continue reading »

Making great school lunches


This article on school lunches gives great advice from a parent and registered dietitian on what to provide for kids’ school lunch boxes. Continue reading »

Choosing the right lunch box

Choosing a lunch box in New Zealand

She’s a hard road finding the perfect lunch box, and let me tell you, I’ve been giving it a shot. Continue reading »

School food policies


With our growing obesity problem in New Zealand we have seen the introduction of a number of food guidelines being issued to schools. This has included advising parents on what should be allowed in lunch boxes and what can be sold in tuck shops.

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