Writers: Michelle Kemp

Michelle Kemp

Michelle Kemp is the Author of Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensible Guide for First Time Parents and soon to be released Little Book of Routines: A Practical Guide for Mums and Dads.

Michelle is married to James and a proud Mum to their son Max. The three of them love spending time together and experiencing new adventures as a family, whether that's just hanging out at the local park or travelling to new and exciting places. Michelle is passionate about helping families build key foundations in their lives. These foundations are quality sleep, a nutrient rich diet and plenty of movement. Michelle believes that these foundations go a long way towards supporting a full and happy family life.

Simply gluten free


Gluten is a protein and is found in foods made from wheat, barley and rye. It is what makes food such as pasta and bread elastic and chewy in texture.

A very small proportion of people are truly allergic to gluten but many do suffer from intolerances due to eating gluten. A severe and sudden reaction to gluten can be symptoms of an autoimmune disorder called Celiac Disease.  Intolerance reactions we can experience that are unpleasant include bloating, tiredness, lack of energy and irritable bowel.

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How to get out of the Lunchbox Rut – Easy, Healthy and Fun Recipes


Get out of the Rut

Putting your kid’s lunchbox together can be boring. It involves ticking off a mundane checklist as you quickly fling items in: sandwich – check, fruit or vegetables – check and maybe a biscuit – oh go on then! Continue reading »

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

Routine is a key part of our lives. We all follow some sort of schedule so day-to-day functions are taken care of. But maintaining some sort of routine while on holiday can be tricky. Here’s 5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos. Continue reading »

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