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Pregnancy on my own terms


I’d like to share with other solo mothers two of the practices that I developed that served me and my child well. Being on my own while pregnant was a continual effort to combat shame and loneliness, imagining conversations like, “Oh, she’s pregnant, but I didn’t think she had a partner. . . ” “She did, but he left.” “I wonder why he left?” “Must be something wrong with her. . . ” I’ll never know if people said those things, but I believed they did. I girded myself. Continue reading »

Online Dating for Solo Parents

Online Dating for Solo Parents

Do you ever feel worn out and tired and grumpy and the kids are fighting and you feel like you just have no reserve left? You don’t need someone else, but it would just be nice. It would be nice for someone else to take you out every now and again, talk adult stuff with, go to a movie that isn’t a cartoon, have some intimacy and fun and laughter aside from making huts, getting covered in flour baking with your child, doing housework or organising playdates. Continue reading »

Changes on the journey to solo parenting


 “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

I read this and I can relate. No, I am not saying I suddenly became wise overnight, but I am saying I started thinking more wisely. The change to solo parenting is certainly an ever-evolving journey to looking more intricately inside oneself… even though life is more full on, a solo parent actually has more mental/emotional space as they are less one adult to be concerned about, for starters.  Here are some musings on the changes I have encountered in becoming a solo parent, and how I have helped my daughter to adapt to change.

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Moving Towns and Choosing Schools


How often in separation do children end up changing schools?

How do you go about finding the right school?

What do you do when you have very little choice?

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Healthy parents = healthy families


A note given to me by my beautiful daughter recently. A reminder of what is really important to her as a 5 year old.

We are parents. Solo or not, we all know how tiring it is on a daily basis being in a job that is underpaid, undervalued and has contractual hours of 24/7. MY GOODNESS, no one in their right mind would ordinarily work under those working conditions, but we made a pact at the point when we decided to keep our child, to be parents for life, and very actively in their life until they reach the age of 18. Continue reading »

Back to school for solo parents

Back to school for solo parents

Money, routine, lunches, childcare and peace are the words at the forefront for the solo parents I spoke to.
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