Writers: Michelle Woolley

Michelle Woolley

Michelle Woolley is a qualified nanny, has worked in hospitality, accounts and advertising, and is now studying Bachelor of Social Work full-time, working part-time as a support worker for people with disabilities. In her teens, she volunteered at kids' camps and listened to real life stories, dried the tears of many young girls struggling with living in a broken family. She didn’t realise that one day she would be drying the tears of her own child while parenting alone. Join her as she writes about her journey.

Happiness is a reciprocal thing


That never-ending hunt for happiness. Do a Google search and there are countless blogs and websites on finding your true happiness and inner meaning. It’s the meaning behind so many religious phrases, and spiritual quotes.

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Passionate communication with my child

communication with your child

Did you ever hear “wait until you are a parent?” It took becoming a parent for me to grasp the scope of commitment and sacrifice, expense and rewards of being a parent. A proud mum of my nearly 9 year old girl (following her passion for soccer being recently selected for the Western Bay of Plenty rep team, and doing very well academically at school), I feel relieved as a solo parent, that although there is the additional expenses that come with this, her natural abilities for success isn’t something I will probably need to spend sleepless nights over.

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Dealing with pressure at Christmas

Dealing with pressure at Christmas

I have a huge awareness at the moment that loads of people are struggling with having a positive spirit. I recently lost someone very close to me due to natural causes, but the underlying reason was life pressures and stresses. Young kids of people I know are trying to or have ended their life. Adults are turning to alcohol or other substances to cope. People are laden with mortgages and debt. Many are working each day just to pay these, and wondering how to find meaning in their life. It’s hardly surprising that people start to feel pressure at Christmas.  Continue reading »

Eating for my health

fruit raw

Sadly over the first week of the school holidays, I found myself lying in bed for 10 days with Influenza.  I have gone nearly seven years without any support when sick – but boy was I grateful I had my mum helping out this time. Staying both days and nights for a week, mum was a huge support.  She cooked our meals, did all the normal household chores and helped look after my daughter.  The whole situation got me thinking about health in general including what my family eats and the potentially hazardous household products we use. Continue reading »

Online Dating for Solo Parents

Online Dating for Solo Parents

Do you ever feel worn out and tired and grumpy and the kids are fighting and you feel like you just have no reserve left? You don’t need someone else, but it would just be nice. It would be nice for someone else to take you out every now and again, talk adult stuff with, go to a movie that isn’t a cartoon, have some intimacy and fun and laughter aside from making huts, getting covered in flour baking with your child, doing housework or organising playdates. Continue reading »

Doing the parenting Cha-Cha

doing the parenting cha-cha

Here I was thinking all this time that I needed to take dance lessons when it seems that I am actually rather acquainted with the Cha Cha, and don’t need lessons after all! It can often be discouraging when you are moving forward and then something unexpected happens and you find yourself taking a step back.  Continue reading »

Creating a connection at Christmas

Creating a connection at Christmas

Connection:  You know when things just flow like a mid-summers breeze… conversation…laughter…getting each other’s jokes…touch…your inner child ventures out…you feel alive…happy…they get you, you get them…at peace…loving…kind…warm…and all the good things, that feeling of everything is right with your world. Continue reading »

Making mindful choices


Single parent-families may find they can sometimes become active by default, but the wrong kind of active. The active that is rushing around from A to B, trying to not chase one’s tail while grabbing a few precious moments along the way.  Sometimes we need to pause, remember our children only live their childhoods once, and just be. Continue reading »

Changes on the journey to solo parenting


 “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

I read this and I can relate. No, I am not saying I suddenly became wise overnight, but I am saying I started thinking more wisely. The change to solo parenting is certainly an ever-evolving journey to looking more intricately inside oneself… even though life is more full on, a solo parent actually has more mental/emotional space as they are less one adult to be concerned about, for starters.  Here are some musings on the changes I have encountered in becoming a solo parent, and how I have helped my daughter to adapt to change.

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Pondering on and creating family food memories


For as long as I can remember, “food” has been a huge part of our family. Childhood memories of porridge on winter mornings with a pool of fresh cream and brown sugar, working on the farm and coming in for a hot lunch, hanging out with Grandma over the stove on a crisp winter day at the farm eating homemade heart-warming vege soup from Grandma’s garden.  Continue reading »

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