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Keeping your kids safe on Instagram

Keeping your kids safe on Instagram

Instagram is a photo, video, and message sharing app with a huge following, especially among young people. Learn more about how you can keep your kids safe on Instagram. Continue reading »

Online Porn: It’s Time We Talked to Our Kids


My eyes were opened to the danger our society faces with online pornography and its influence on our young people. You may be your teen’s best source of information when it comes to porn; online pornography: it’s time we talked to our kids. Continue reading »

Managing your Child’s Natural Frustrations

Managing your Childs Natural Frustrations

It’s a child’s natural response to protest against our parental demands (on their time, space, behaviour, activities, etc.). But a child’s protests are all part of their development. It’s our responsibility as parents to manage our children’s natural frustrations as an important aspect of learning boundaries and tolerances.  Continue reading »

Cyberbullying – 7 tips to teach kids resilience

Cyberbullying – 7 tips to teach kids resilience

No doubt we’re all on the same page when it comes to cyberbullying. It’s a terrible thing that some young people find themselves driven to take their own lives, and that cyberbullying appears to be a growing problem. Learn how to teach your kids to become more resilient to cyberbullying. Continue reading »

Top 10 Educational Websites for Kids in 2019

Top 10 educational websites for kids

We’ve pulled together the top 10 educational websites for kids updated for 2019. These are educational websites full of games, video, content and activities to keep your kids entertained while growing their minds. Continue reading »

Help with online bullying in New Zealand


Young people adapt to new technologies quickly and easily. They use technology to explore opportunities for social interaction, and to learn about their world and express themselves, but they also have to navigate challenges most parents never had to deal with. Continue reading »

Tips for starting a digital discussion

digital discussion

We get it – parenting is hard at the best of times. School is back and you’re busy packing lunches and managing an ever-changing schedule of sports training, musical rehearsals and birthday parties; while making sure everyone is where they need to be. Continue reading »

Take back power over devices (and earn your children’s respect)


What a cruel end to a lazy, warm summer! Kids’ feet cramped by shoes; t-shirts and togs replaced with stiff uniforms, and parents girding themselves to become disciplinarians again. Where we had been camping and playing in the surf with our kids, the beginning of the school year heralds the parent as morning alarm clock, school bag and homework reminder, bedtime enforcer and controller of devices.

Continue reading »

Getting rid of the iPad Mummy Guilt

Getting rid of the iPad Mummy Guilt

I look at my 3 year old lying on the couch with his iPad and have mixed thoughts. First the Mummy Guilt, that he shouldn’t spend so much time on the iPad and I should be doing something with him instead. Then the opposite thought that he needs to learn to use technology as it’s going to be a HUGE part of his life and learning. You know that never-ending internal chatter that sometimes you wish would just shut up! Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: The AitkenRead family

aitken-reid family

Over the next two months, Kiwi Families is featuring posts on education and technology.  We are talking to some more great kiwi families about their experiences. In this post, we meet the AitkenRead family – an especially creative crew, who largely live screen-free lives and are unschoolers.  What is unschooling you ask?  Read on and find out what mum, Lucy AitkenRead had to say! Continue reading »

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