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Dean Stewart

Dean Stewart is the owner of WebSafety NZ and has over 27 years of experience in the IT industry. His career has taken him to Australia, UK and South Africa, before returning home after a 14 year overseas stint. Outside of work, Dean has two teenage children, is a keen tramper in the outdoors and enjoys growing his own produce.

Kids growing up on the internet


I was contacted recently by a parent who is concerned about how his 4 children access the internet. He told me that his kids are growing up and now access the internet on a whole range of devices from desktops, laptops, tablets, iPod and Android devices.

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Installing monitoring software is important


Monitoring software is available for mobile devices, just like it’s been available for laptops and desktops for some time.

The software is simple. Parents create an online account and set filtering restrictions, and then download a small piece of software onto the phone.

Once the parent enters the logon information on the phone, the software synchronises with the online account and applies the filtering restrictions. At the same time, it records sites visited.

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What Are The Top 5 Sites Used By Teenagers?


Wow! Its 2013 already! We got through 2012 unscathed and the world did not end, again, as predicted.

2012 was a busy year in the technology space. The use of tablet devices increased dramatically, and that will continue into 2013. New models were seen on shelves that included the iPad Mini. Tablet devices also became more popular in schools.

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Great photo apps for the whole family


I’m sure there will be lots of us with a Mobile product on our Christmas lists this year and as the uptake increases, the prices come down. Continue reading »

Top 20 applications that let your kids be creative


I’ve always been amazed by how much free software is available online that is very useful. It’s common to find free products with limited functionality to give the user a ‘taste’ of a small amount of features before you decide to purchase the product. It’s just as common to see excellent software online with full functionality totally for free. Continue reading »

There is more to life than the Internet!


As a break from tradition, and in line with this month’s topic Growing Great Families, I’ve decided to talk about one activity that the whole family enjoys.  Continue reading »

It’s not just bottles and nappies to consider


Pregnancy brings exciting times and whether you are creating a family or having an addition, it comes with lots of joy and sleepless nights! Just like sleep, time becomes precious and when we already have one sibling it requires juggling attention between the new baby and the other child. Continue reading »

Top tips for healthy internet usage


Parents are often bombarded with negative stories and imagery about the internet and it’s no wonder they are confused about how they should manage it in the home, if at all! Continue reading »

Is it time to focus on spelling?


It’s a new year; time for focusing on new challenges. For parents, this year will see an increase in SMART phone usage and schools moving on implementing BYOD (bring your own device). Continue reading »

Internet Safety

Internet safety

Our seven going on thirteen year old came home from school this week with a new ‘home learning’ exercise for the week…apparently the formally referred to homework is now ‘home learning’; of course it is! Continue reading »

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