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Shopping for Children on a Budget-10 Top Tips

Shopping for Children on a Budget

Shopping for kids can sometimes be quite stressful as a parent; especially when you’re shopping for children on a budget. Try out some of our budget-busting tips the next time you need to shop for the kids, to remove the stress, and make shopping fun again. Continue reading »

Money Week: Kids need to know about money too


It’s Money Week in New Zealand, and the word on the street is that we’ll need $4,000 in retirement just to spend on eggs! Time to get some chickens we think. Part of retirement planning is growing a savings habit, and that can start at a very young age. Vinessa tells us more about what kids need to know. Continue reading »

Annual budgeting for school costs


So you survived Christmas, you’ve seen in another new year and now you’re gearing up for the onslaught of spending more money to get your kids ready to head back to School! It’s certainly an expensive time.

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Meal Planning for Hungry Households

Meal Planning for Hungry Households

I thought I would share how I manage our meals in our house. It’s not really that special or unique but I find it creates much less stress for shopping and cooking, and having a system almost guarantees lots of savings. Here’s my meal planning for hungry households.

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Planning the cost of your Christmas


The Christmas and holiday break is a time when most people throw caution to the wind. Credit cards are drawn to their limits, budgets are thrown out the window, and – waist lines are drawn to their limits too! Now, you don’t do that do you?!

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Get active with your finances


This month’s theme is ‘Get Active’! Most people will think this applies to your health and fitness – But here at Goodlife, we’re applying this to your financial health and wellbeing!

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Top 10 Tips for Eating on a Budget

eating well even on a budget

With a little planning, you don’t have to spend a fortune on nutritious food.

Have you been shocked by how much you have managed to rack up at the checkout lately? I am certain that every time I do my weekly grocery shop, the prices have gone up yet again! Continue reading »

Baby on a budget


One of the best things about being pregnant for the first time is going shopping for baby stuff. Cute little singlets and sleepsuits, a cot, toys and blankets are a joy to buy when you are expecting. But sometimes there just isn’t a lot of money around, and that’s when you need to know how to do it on the cheap.

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