Writers: Sally Mangai

Sally Mangai

Sally is the Community Manager here at Kiwi Families. She fills her time with her handsome, busy boys and her handsome, busy husband; trying out new recipes and researching and writing about family life in Aotearoa.

Decorating your home this Christmas


I have been thinking about traditions, and family, and how to make the effort lately.¬† It’s easier not to make the effort.¬† You feel the desire not to make the effort right through to your bones when you’re a sleep-deprived zombie, for whom stringing together a sentence that is more than a few syllables is a challenge.¬† You run from effort when your kids have been at home sick for a week, like mine have lately, and you think putting a festive TV show is about as much effort as you can muster in the celebration department.¬† Continue reading »

Feel Good for Life: An interview with Claire Turnbull

Claire Turnbull

Nutritionist Claire Turnbull has recently¬†published a new book –¬†Feel Good for Life and we thought she might have some valuable thoughts to share with parents, because who doesn‚Äôt want to feel good!? ¬†She’s also recently had a baby so she knows lots about what it’s like to juggle life!
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Amazeballs – Bliss balls for a healthy treat

Amazeballs bliss balls

Have you¬†hopped on board the bliss balls bandwagon yet?¬† These power-packed¬†little snacks¬†keep you full for ages. They’re packed with healthy fats and protein. And¬†they’re the perfect size for school lunchboxes,¬†or an on-the-go pick me up when out and about. Amazeballs Bliss Balls, the healthy treat.

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Get kids going with green smoothies for goodness!


It’s a well known principle that including 5+ vegetable and fruit servings a day is a great foundation for your daily eating habits.¬† 5 would be an absolute minimum, and we should really be aiming for double or more that number!

Getting that many servings is something I struggle with at times, and certainly I struggle to get my preschooler to eat that volume of fresh fruit and vegetables.¬† There are tricks though, and green smoothies are an excellent trick to consuming greater quantities of the foods that are great for our bodies with minimal hassle. Continue reading »

Stretch your family’s food budget with Countdown‚Äôs Price Lockdown


It’s one of the fastest comparisons I tend to make when I‚Äôm at a new supermarket: wander around, find familiar items, do a few calculations in my mind and work out whether it‚Äôs a good deal or not. With a family to feed and a budget to stick to, I‚Äôm always looking for a bargain! Continue reading »

Travelling together as a family

Travelling together as a family

If you put travelling together as a family¬†on hold for all the years that it is a bit difficult, then you’re probably missing out on a lot.¬† Have you ever had one of these thoughts that have kept you at home? Continue reading »

Baked spring rolls

spring rolls
Delicious and much healthier than the deep-fried version, spring rolls are fast and fun to put together with children.¬† What child doesn’t love to dip their dinner in a sauce, too? Continue reading »

Skin cancer in New Zealand – Keeping safe in the sun

Skin cancer-Keeping-safe-in-the-sun

There are several reasons why New Zealanders have a higher risk for developing skin cancers – including¬†a high proportion of the population with fair skin, our low ozone levels and our cultural emphasis on ‘the great outdoors’.¬† Keeping sun safe is not optional in our country, it’s essential.¬† Continue reading »

Tantalising ideas for leftover turkey

Tantalising Ideas for Leftover Turkey

Christmas and Thanksgiving just aren’t the same for most families, unless it involves a great big roast turkey, with all the trimmings. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. But what to do with all those turkey leftovers…
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Easy Christmas steamed pudding


If you’ve made our delicious Christmas cake and have a few leftover bits and pieces, put them to good use in this easy Christmas steamed pudding recipe. It’s quick to put together and then you can just leave it to steam away for a few hours.¬† Continue reading »

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