Writers: Daniel Carney

Daniel Carney

This article was written by Daniel Carney. Daniel is an Authorised Financial Adviser at Goodlife Financial Advice* and is also a proud dad to two gorgeous kids. He's fanatical about the need to help kids become financially literate and can't wait until his own kids are old enough to play Monopoly with him. When he's not helping people sort their finances, Daniel plays guitar and drums in a band and enjoys spending time with family and getting lost in a good book.

*A disclosure statement is available, on request and free of charge by calling 0508 GOODLIFE.

Breaking the poverty cycle


It’s an interesting thing this ‘Poverty Cycle’ phenomenon. I thought it was just something we speak to our clients about how to get out of – Until I Googled it recently! Unfortunately it’s very real terminology, known the world over!

So, what is the ‘Poverty Cycle’? Continue reading »

Teaching your kids about money

Teaching kids about money

The New Year is well and truely upon us and the kids have trundled off to the school-yard. Curricular-a-plenty will be firing up, to fill your kid’s brains with who-knows-what.

But what about ‘Financial Education’ for your kids? Who’s responsible for this? Ultimately – you are! Continue reading »

Five tips for improving your family’s financial health

Five tips for improving your family's financial health

A large part of my role as an Authorised Financial Adviser is actually meeting people in the community. As we take a holistic approach to our client’s financial lives, we dig deep and collect a lot of relevant data we need in order to create a laser-targeted plan. Continue reading »

Planning the cost of your Christmas


The Christmas and holiday break is a time when most people throw caution to the wind. Credit cards are drawn to their limits, budgets are thrown out the window, and – waist lines are drawn to their limits too! Now, you don’t do that do you?!

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Get active with your finances


This month’s theme is ‘Get Active’! Most people will think this applies to your health and fitness – But here at Goodlife, we’re applying this to your financial health and wellbeing!

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