Writers: Kate Carter

Kate Carter

Kate Carter has spent the last six years working within the food and nutrition industry in a variety of roles. Ready for a change from the corporate world and excited about embracing two of her real passions in life, she took over Yum Yum Kids - New Zealand’s only online feeding specialist store.

Layered chocolate brownie

Layered chocolate brownie

Super easy but so effective I am amazed at how much of a wow factor I get every time I give this to someone new. You can use any jar you like or may have handy. This is a great gift for someone that is perhaps not such a great baker but loves the end result! Continue reading »

Spiced roast nuts

spiced roast nuts

These spiced roast nuts make the perfect gift. They’re super easy to make up, and you can make up bulk quantities and then package them up for all your friends, extended family, kid’s school and kindy teachers, etc.  Continue reading »

Teaching kids about healthy food options


As a nutritionist who is passionate about food, I believe the joy of food, and a healthy relationship with food, is something all children should experience. Teaching kids to develop healthy food options is something parents can do to foster that healthy relationship.
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Super Easy Lunchbox Ideas

Make your own fruit leather recipe

Making a packed lunch for children every day can be quite a test of parents’ ingenuity. It’s all too easy to fall into a boring routine or a convenience routine of refined foods. Variety, healthy food options and taste are the key – it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Here’s some super-easy lunchbox ideas. Continue reading »

Children, food and activity


It is generally accepted that a balance between food (input) and activity (output) is imperative for maintaining a healthy weight and good overall health.

From newborn – and even earlier, if you count all that kicking inside mum’s tummy – kids are naturally active. Exercise is vital for children – it is great fun, it’s a fabulous way to learn, and is essential for healthy growth and development.

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Top 10 Tips for Eating on a Budget

eating well even on a budget

With a little planning, you don’t have to spend a fortune on nutritious food.

Have you been shocked by how much you have managed to rack up at the checkout lately? I am certain that every time I do my weekly grocery shop, the prices have gone up yet again! Continue reading »

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