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Raymond McGrath: Connecting with your kids

connecting with your children

I have always been taught to tell the truth so here it is…

I have kids. Three of them actually – so that makes me a ‘Dad’ – (apparently). Continue reading »

Passionate communication with my child

communication with your child

Did you ever hear “wait until you are a parent?” It took becoming a parent for me to grasp the scope of commitment and sacrifice, expense and rewards of being a parent. A proud mum of my nearly 9 year old girl (following her passion for soccer being recently selected for the Western Bay of Plenty rep team, and doing very well academically at school), I feel relieved as a solo parent, that although there is the additional expenses that come with this, her natural abilities for success isn’t something I will probably need to spend sleepless nights over.

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Journaling and scrapbooking with kids

Journaling and scrapbooking with kids

Combining craft with making lasting, visual memories is a fantastic way to bond together with your children.  If you’ve never tried scrapbooking before, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or involve a lot of specific tools (though of course those things are out there for those who really get into scrapbooking as a hobby).  If you’ve got some time why not document a day or two of the school holidays as scrapbook pages. Or create one for you and your kids to do on a vacation?  Pick a day they want to remember is a great place to start.

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Taking stress-less holidays with your teen

dad tween daughter car

Holidays can become stressful times of the year very quickly. Work stress can flow over into holiday stress, and mess up a good holiday. But taking holidays with your teen doesn’t have to be stressful. Continue reading »

Birthdays in the family


The importance of family traditions. Family rituals and traditions bring us together; they connect us and become part of each family’s identity. Birthday celebrations are amongst the most important traditions for most families. Each family celebrates differently, strengthening the family’s identity, while the habit of marking birthdays in one way or another crosses the divide of many different races and cultures. Birthdays offer us a chance to step out of the mundane and focus on sharing joy and celebration together. They offer moments of heightened meaning, birthdays punctuate our life’s journey. They offer a time to stop and reflect, to honour the year that’s been and pour positive wishes into the year to come.

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Is Santa real?

Is Santa real

Every so often the age range of our children creates little dilemmas – and Christmas is one of those times! Remember we’re the ones with a teenager, a toddler and Molly in the middle to create a balance.

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The facts of life


It’s the age old parent’s fear and dilemma. When to tell your child the facts of life? My tuppence worth.

Do it earlier than you think advisable, and make sure you do it before someone else gets in first.

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Making time to talk


The nightly ritual when I get home from work is probably mirrored by many Dads around the country.

In the door, take a breath and then it’s the bath and bedtime routine.

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