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Celebrating Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights


Childhood innocence renewed my love of life when my son was young. Witnessing his delight in the world, his unguarded affection, his raw being alive, made me feel more alive. Continue reading »

3 breakfast ideas for the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in


There’s only one thing I ever ask for on Father’s Day. It’s the same thing every year. Breakfast in bed, with a coffee and a newspaper. Ahhh, the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in. Continue reading »

Matariki Events and Activities Around New Zealand – 2019

Matariki Events in New Zealand

Every year towns and cities throughout New Zealand host a range of events and activities based around Matariki. These range from art exhibitions, to festivals, to themed planetarium events. Each year Matariki grows a little stronger and it’s now become a recognised celebration in many parts of the country.  Continue reading »

15 treasured Children’s Day ideas

Treasured ideas for Children's Day

Children’s Day – Te Rā O Te Tamariki – provides New Zealanders with an opportunity to give time to children. It is a fun day for activities that start new traditions as well as continue old ones. Continue reading »

13 more ways to celebrate Children’s Day

13 more ways to celebrate childrens day

This year for Children’s Day, as well as recognising your own little cherub, why not spread the love to other children in your community? In the process you’ll be sharing an important message with your child about the value of all children and the spirit of giving. Continue reading »

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day

On the 6th of February each year, New Zealand celebrates Waitangi Day.  The purpose of this public holiday is to remember the Treaty of Waitangi – our founding document, and acknowledge the role this document plays right through to our current day.

Continue reading »

Share some aroha this Valentine’s Day!

Te Reo Valentine's Day crafts

Here are two lovely and simple Valentine’s crafts to brighten someone’s 14th of February.  These little boxes hold a Hershey’s chocolate kiss… it’s quick to make them in bulk so you could drop them round to your friends, your whole class or give a handful to that special someone.






Continue reading »

Christmas in New Zealand


Christmas in New Zealand is celebrated on 25 December, which is summer in the Southern Hemisphere – this makes a lot of what we experience over our festive season quite different to other parts of the world. Continue reading »

Celebrating Hanukkah with children

Celebrating Hanukkah with children

What is Hanukkah, besides lighting the Menorah for eight nights, before or after Christmas, depending on the year? (In 2013, November 27- December 5). Is Hanukkah merely a stand-in Jewish holiday to coincide with Christmas so that Jewish kids don’t get left out? Hanukkah is an important time for Jews everywhere and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with your children. Continue reading »

Marking Anzac Day as a family

Anzac Day

It’s easy for us to forget that events in our (fairly recent) past – things that we were involved in or might be able to remember – count as “history” for our children. The 1960s, 70s and 80s – the Springbok tour, the Erebus disaster, the Rainbow Warrior – all history.

It’s also easy to take our own knowledge for granted and forget that our children might not know these things. In fact it’s often by talking to us that they start to gain a knowledge of our world, our country and our history.

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