Here are two lovely and simple Valentine’s crafts to brighten someone’s 14th of February.  These little boxes hold a Hershey’s chocolate kiss… it’s quick to make them in bulk so you could drop them round to your friends, your whole class or give a handful to that special someone.






Aroha cardvalentine's day cardValentines card

  1. Download the template
  2. Print the template onto paper or a light card – the side you print will form the inside of the card
  3. Cut a piece of coloured card big enough to cover the heart outline
  4. Cut out the letters – use a craft knife over a cutting board.  Have an adult help you if you are unsure about this!
  5. Stick the coloured card over cut out letters using glue or double sided sticky dots on the very edge of the cut out heart (stick it onto the inside of the card, so that the patterned paper shows through to the front)
  6. If you used glue, wait until it dries before the next two steps
  7. Score and fold paper over along width line
  8. Score and fold in half again to make card
  9. Write a nice phrase in the middle of the card (suggestion below).

valentine's day card maori words

Kiss box

valentine's craft

  1. Download the template
  2. Follow the instructions on the printed page – the finished box will be just large enough to host a Hershey’s Kiss or other small chocolate
  3. For decoration, try your hand at painting, stamping, drawing or cutting out a picture from an old card, magazine or similar.

hersheys kiss box

Have fun brightening up someone’s Valentine’s Day this year by spreading some aroha to those around you!

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