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Diane Levy

Diane Levy’s warm, humorous, practical and commonsense approach to raising children is evident in her writing, her speaking and her private practice in Auckland as a family therapist. Her main focus is on coaching parents.

She is also the author of the best-seller “Of course I love you…NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM”, “They look so lovely when they’re asleep” and “Time Out for tots, teens and everyone in between."

Managing 7 Year Old Behaviour-Ask Once, Tell Once

dealing with challenging behaviour

Dealing with challenging behaviour from a 7 year old is hard work, and can be very emotionally draining on parents. Here’s 4 key tips for managing 7 year old behaviour from parent expert Diane Levy. Continue reading »

Dealing with a strong willed child


Hi Diane,

I have a very strong willed 4 year old girl. We seem to bang heads at just about every request I give her. I have tried pre-warning her that bath time is coming up or we need to do her hair soon. Or I try and give her a choice, if she would like to sit in the bedroom or lounge to get hair done. I just read your book on Time Out. I can tell with 10 seconds of asking then going over to tell her to do something she will not. I tried ignoring her until the task is done, but she continues to whinge and pull at me till she wears me down. She is very determined! I have tried locking her in her bedroom, she then precedes to yell and bang on door, till i feel so guilty I have to go to her. When I open the door she throws herself at me and insist’s on being held while still throwing herself around. She can be such a delightful little girl and loves to help out at home. I just don’t want to waste this precious time i have with her. She is the youngest of 3. Continue reading »

Toilet training your children


Dear Diane,

Help! We have been trying to potty train our daughter. We have put her in undies and have told her where to go wees etc and this is fine. She is happy to sit on the toilet or potty. However she won’t release! She will dance around holding herself until she can’t hold it any longer but seems to be petrified of actually going in the toilet. We have praised her up, had Teddies and dolls on the toilet, we have a magic stick, we’ve poured water in, we’ve read books etc etc. Nothing seems to work. She is 2 years and 3 months. Continue reading »

Trouble with toilet training


I get lots of questions about toilet training children and with some children, it can be a really challenging business. Recently, I received this email from a desperate mother….

Continue reading »

Getting kids through separation and divorce

Divorce and child custody

I often get questions about helping children through their parents’ separation and I recently received this question: Even when the parents are on the same page and are happier not living together, how do I get my kids through it? It breaks my heart. Tough for everyone! Continue reading »

Getting children out of bed in the morning


A reader recently wrote asking help with getting children out of bed in the morning… here’s how to do it!  Continue reading »



Passover is a Jewish festival that is celebrated all over the world. Read about the history of Passover and get ideas for celebrating Passover with your family in NZ. Continue reading »

How to handle toddler tantrums


There are two main types of toddler tantrums. Knowing how to handle toddler tantrums will be much easier if you can recognise which type your child is dealing with. Continue reading »

Time out

girl in time out

Parenting expert Diane Levy writes about Time Out as one of many effective behaviour strategies for disciplining young children, and how to use this behaviour technique effectively to discipline your 1, 2, 3, 4 year old and older child. Continue reading »


mother raising hand to child

Are you researching discipline methods and techniques to improve your child’s behavior? What about smacking to solve child behaviour problems? Parenting expert Diane Levy writes about smacking, and provides advice whether that’s the answer for disciplining children effectively. Continue reading »

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