There’s only one thing I ever ask for on Father’s Day. It’s the same thing every year. Breakfast in bed, with a coffee and a newspaper. Ahhh, the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in.

It really is the simple pleasures in life. You see I never actually get to read the newspaper anymore. Sure I’ve got news apps on my phone, and occasionally I’ll sneak in a few articles at a cafe when the kids are distracted by fluffies and the toybox. But the idea of leisurely reading a whole newspaper cover to cover, now that takes some serious peace and quiet time! The best thing about Father’s Day is that it always falls on the weekend, so you get to read the especially-long weekend paper. Yes, even the commercial property section gets a glance over (you never know you might be in the market one day).

And pairing a newspaper with a steaming hot cup of coffee. Well hold the phone people! And, you’re telling me I don’t even need to get out of bed to make my own coffee (or change my son’s nappy). Oh yea, roll on Father’s Day.

Now if you really want to keep Dad in bed with his newspaper, you’re going to have to bring him breakfast to keep him going. Newspaper reading is serious business people, you just can’t focus on an empty stomach. Breakfast in bed is always a luxury. And if it’s served up by your kids, then it’s just extra special. They don’t need to have made it. The fact they want to be part of it is special enough.

There are some breakfast ideas that taste delicious and are still simple enough for the kids to get involved with. Here’s our 3 breakfast ideas for the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in.

3 Breakfast Ideas for the Ultimate Father’s Day Lie-in

1. Pancakes with bacon, banana, whipped cream and maple syrup


Oh yes, soft fluffy pancakes topped with crispy bacon, ripe banana and lashings of sweet maple syrup. This is one of our family favourites. It’s super simple to make and is warm and satisfying.

Start with your favourite pancake recipe, and make up a batch of pancakes, keeping them warm in the oven as you go. If you want to make it even easier, or if you want to get the kids moving in the kitchen, grab a shake and make pancake mix. These are great, and usually only need water or milk added to the mix. Then you shake like mad, and pour, it’s as easy as that. Remember to rub down your pan with butter, or spray with oil, in between each pancake to prevent from sticking.

While the pancakes are being poured, fry off crispy bacon rashes. Make sure you fry these well and leave to drain on paper towels to go super-crunchy. Once the pancakes have finished cooking, slice a couple of bananas on the angle, and whip a bowl of cream.

To assemble, use 2 large pancakes per plate. Layer the first pancake with sliced banana and maple syrup. Place a second pancake on top and layer with crispy bacon, more maple syrup and a big dollop of whipped cream.

Totally decadent breakfast that Dad will love, and one batch makes enough for the whole family to enjoy too!

2. Bagels with smoked salmon, sundried tomato, and capers


We love bagels at the Kiwi Families HQ. Basically it’s just big, round toast. But it gets our daughter eating salmon, which is full of omega goodness. This is a really simple version, with a couple of extras that complement each other and create a real taste explosion.

Slice bagels in half and toast, or heat in the oven until just crisp.

While the bagels are toasting roughly chop sundried tomatos, and finely chop fresh dill. Smear bagels with cream cheese (that’s real cream cheese, not the lite stuff, this is for Dad remember!), and top with slivers of smoked salmon, chopped sundried tomato, 4-5 capers and a sprinkling of dill. A couple of drops of lemon or lime, will really lift the salmon flavour.

These don’t take long to make at all, and are great for getting the kids involved. Chop things ahead of time, and get them up on the bench smearing on the cream cheese and sprinkling over the toppings. Dad will totally love the fact that his breakfast was made by the kids!

3. The ultimate Father’s Day lie-in Big Breakfast


If you want to really make Dad’s day, go for the ultimate Big Breakfast. This takes a bit longer to prepare than the first two options, but Dad will love you for it.

There are a few components that make a Big Breakfast ‘big’, and our version probably has a bit of a London influence. The British really know how to do a Big Breakfast, and if you’re going for this option then you may as well go all out.

These are our Big Breakfast must haves:

  • toast (white, wholegrain or ciabatta)
  • eggs
  • baked beans (you could substitute for canned spaghetti)
  • hash browns
  • bacon

Here’s some Big Breakfast additions that you can pick and mix, depending on Dad’s tastebuds:

  • fried tomato
  • fried button mushrooms
  • haloumi cheese
  • black pudding (you could substitute for sausage if Dad’s not into this one)
  • microgreens
  • slices of avocado

There aren’t too many rules to this. Cook the eggs Dad’s favourite way, fry off the bacon and any other fried additions, toast or grill the hash browns and bread and reheat the beans. Assembly is a simple affair. Keep it chunky and rustic, and don’t be too precious about it. This is a breakfast made for eating, not savouring!

Us modern Dad’s really are trying to be the best Father’s we can be. It’s massively rewarding, but tons of hard work with lots of challenges too. Father’s Day is that one day in the year when the family gets to stop and reflect on all the good stuff that Dad does. Make it a day to remember by treating Dad to the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in.

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Ra Kau

I think Fathers want an English breakfast Sausages ,bacon, hash brown, tomatoes, mushrooms, spaghetti three poached eggs all covered in gravy with hot white toast


Hi Ra Kau, we don’t disagree with you! A full English ‘big breakfast’ always goes down a treat. To be honest, a cup of tea and a piece of dry toast, would be fine, if it meant a lie in on Father’s Day!

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