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Being Dad

Being a Dad

Dads have a special and important role in their children’s lives. Children are lucky if they have a dad who is involved in their lives, who knows their friends and is interested in how they spend their day. It really helps if children know they are loved and cared for by both parents. Continue reading »

5 things I’ve learnt since becoming a single parent dad

5 things I've learnt since becoming a single parent dad

Just over 2 years ago, I became a single dad with shared care of my then 1-year-old daughter. My journey to parenting in ‘1 Player mode’, as I call it (a reference to the ‘1 player mode’ in old school video games), has been the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced. Continue reading »

Single parents navigating special calendar dates


Did you spot a lot of posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter over the Mother’s Day weekend from mums all around the world?
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Online Dating for Solo Parents

Online Dating for Solo Parents

Do you ever feel worn out and tired and grumpy and the kids are fighting and you feel like you just have no reserve left? You don’t need someone else, but it would just be nice. It would be nice for someone else to take you out every now and again, talk adult stuff with, go to a movie that isn’t a cartoon, have some intimacy and fun and laughter aside from making huts, getting covered in flour baking with your child, doing housework or organising playdates. Continue reading »

Making creative parenting a priority

creative parenting

How do we foster creativity in our children and in our parenting? Both require space and time. We all need ample time and a sense of abundant space to let our creative subconscious flourish. Recall your child’s joy when having an unscheduled afternoon to start and finish a project or imaginary play. Do you remember her or him proudly presenting this project? Reflect on a time when you had extra time to prepare dinner and got really creative with ingredients and truly cooked with love. Our children taste the love in that cooking. Continue reading »

5 creative ideals for single parents

Creative single parent ideals

We all have these ideals about our lives.  Maybe how we hope to raise our children, what our families will be like and what our homes might look like! – Right? There are many areas of my family life that require creativity – some more than others!  Continue reading »

10 Fun Single Parent family traditions

single parent traditions

It feels good to have and make family traditions, even more so in a Single Parent family.  It gives my daughter (Miss 13) a greater sense of family and connection, the traditions are a bit ‘special’, she can rely on them & we do also have loads of fun with them 🙂 Continue reading »

Christmas for single parent families

Christmas for single parent families

A Jewish friend refers to Christmas as the loneliest day of the year for Jews. As a fellow Jew, I heartily agree .  And as a solo parent, it’s doubly lonely, or has been. My son’s father is Christian and gets scooped up by his family to create a special Christmas for our son, which I’m excluded from. I don’t share the national holiday, I don’t get to be with my son (who knows he’s having a much better time than I am), and am ignored by the family who benefits from the gorgeous son I’ve raised. The upside is I don’t have to buy them presents nor tolerate their company for the day! Continue reading »

Pregnancy – Choosing to fly solo

Pregnancy - Choosing to fly solo

We always have a choice, but as we all experience at some time or another, often the choice to make isn’t that clear or comes at a difficult time. If you’re choosing to fly solo in your pregnancy the following advice may help. Continue reading »

Questions from parents


Thank you to all the lovely people who have sent me “real” questions about their daily lives as parents. I will answer them in the order they arrived

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