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Pip manages a busy office by day and is a closest blogger and computer geek by night. She writes about Parenting, City Living, Teenagers, Adventures, Faith, Travel, Single Parent families and whatever else takes her fancy, over on her blog www.wellingtonchic

She is precariously navigating an adventure filled life as a single parent to a very busy teenager and fits in her writing (via a 3.5 inch screen) whilst standing in Supermarket queues or on the sidelines of sports practices.

Preparing home alone Teens for a crisis


Teenagers spend quite a lot of time home alone, after school, holidays, into the evenings and also sometimes overnight while parents are at work, away or even just out?  Continue reading »

5 parental lessons I MUST pass on to my daughter


They did… I did … I hope she does…

We consciously and subconsciously carry through our lives pre-conceived ideas, learnt behaviour and negative influences from our upbringing. It’s up to each of us to choose what we carry forward in our lives and what parental lessons we will pass on to our own children. Continue reading »

Party ideas for 15 to 16 year old girls

party ideas for 15 16 year old girls

Oh the minefield of teen birthday parties

You’ll walk a tightrope trying to satisfy your teen they’re doing something ‘seriously cool’, while satisfying yourself that it’s within the realms of possibility, budget and family rules.

Having worked your way through 15 or 16 birthday parties by now, you’ll be getting pretty good at negotiating and planning teen birthday parties. It’s these teen years you’ll find the hardest to satisfy everyone, but here’s some party ideas that may just help.

Continue reading »

Negotiating teen birthday parties

teen birthday parties

We have thrown some cracker birthday parties over my teen’s 15 year existence and hosting them is a lot of fun albeit kinda chaotic and exhausting! Continue reading »

Tips for starting the high school year

starting the high school year

We’re flying head first into the new school year and, if you’re like us, we’re cracking into the start of another crazy year as best prepared as we can be. Being prepared is especially important if this is your child’s first year at secondary school. Continue reading »

Is your teen’s world really that different to yours?

Is your teens world really that different from ours?

You hear all the time: “We live in a different world these days”…

Yes, that’s true in some ways… but maybe not as much as you think.

I’ve been thinking about things that are ‘different’… but the same, like: Continue reading »

Transitioning from tween to teen responsibilities

teen responsibilities

Our young teens often ‘feel’ like adults, but as parents, we habitually still treat them like kids. The fact is, they are still ‘kids’ in some respects, but they are also growing up and evolving into 21st century teenagers (kind of like adolescent adults). Transitioning from tween to teen responsibilities is a see-saw that many of us, including myself, are precariously trying to balance. Continue reading »

8 ways to help kids find their passions

Help kids find their passions

Do you remember as a 7-year-old being mesmerised watching someone shoot the goal, singing in front of 1000s, or drawing a doodle on a page that looked like a masterpiece and thinking “I wish I could do that”…! Continue reading »

Single parents navigating special calendar dates


Did you spot a lot of posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter over the Mother’s Day weekend from mums all around the world?
Continue reading »

Welcoming teenagers into your home

Welcoming teens into your home

Our home grows frequently with over energetic teenagers! They blaze into our house brimming with smiles, flailing hair, bags of clothes, a myriad of hair gadgets, school bags spilling with science and maths books and homework tasks to be completed, giant oversized art folders, the distinct crinkly sound of supermarket shopping bags full of snacks and junk food, all engulfed with the beat of their Friday afternoon Spotify playlist trailing behind them… Continue reading »

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