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Baby Sleep Training – Week by week, month by month

Baby Sleep Training - Week by week, month by month

It seems that most new parents relish every waking moment they get with their newborn baby. But the honeymoon period can quickly wear off. And parents find themselves asking ‘how do I get my baby to sleep through the night.’ This is where baby sleep training comes in.

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Lack of Sleep in Children Linked to Poor Nutrition

Lack of Sleep in Children Linked to Poor Nutrition

From toddlers to teenagers, every parent knows that not getting enough sleep can make our kids grumpy and prone to tantrums. But what’s less well known is that sleep may also affect how well they eat. Continue reading »

3 in-depth tips that aid baby and infant sleep


Sleep! We all love it, we all need it and we all thrive from it. But it’s not always easy to get when you’re a parent! I know this first hand as a mother, and as a postnatal educator experiencing sleep deprivation time and time again in my earlier career, as well as witnessing the effects of this on many parents. Continue reading »

The space in between – when sleep eludes you

When sleep eludes you

As parents one of our key tasks is to help our children sleep so they can grow and flourish. In the early years, to this end we sacrifice our own sleep. You may be awake feeding or settling. Or, perhaps like me, since becoming a parent you now wake at the slightest noise – and can’t get back to sleep. This is the space in between. Space and time you can use for YOU. Continue reading »

9 trusted ways for handling night terrors – from Kiwi parents

9 trusted ways for handling night terrors

In response to a reader comment on our Nightmares and night terrors article, Kiwi Families reached out to our Facebook community for advice. As always, we got some amazing feedback we thought we’d share. In fact, we got 9 great ideas. Here’s 9 trusted ways for handling night terrors – from Kiwi parents. Continue reading »

Newborn advice with Dorothy Waide – feeding, burping, sleeping and more

newborn advice with Dorothy Waide

We were lucky enough to get some time with Dorothy Waide, sleep consultant to the stars, AKA the Baby Whisperer. Dorothy provides newborn advice for parents on everything from feeding to settling, from natural remedies to cloth diapers! Continue reading »

Knowing your baby’s Six-Wind-Cues


All parents want to understand their baby, and I believe most parents encounter times when this can be an overwhelming task, especially in the first 3 to 4 months. Your head may be screaming WHAT? WHAT DO YOU NEED? As again you repeat the cycle of feeding, releasing a few burps, and trying to settle them to sleep. I know this scenario only to well as I too had times like this in my early career.

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Baby Hammock does not decrease baby’s oxygen levels

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.28.09 pm

We’ve recently discovered that our baby hammock was the subject of a University of Auckland research project last year. The research looked at whether using the hammock might cause impaired breathing.* Concerns about the use of car seat capsules for sleeping, and the public message to only sleep babies on a firm flat mattress, has led to some confusion over the use of baby hammocks. However, the professionally conducted, double blind study of infants aged 4-8 weeks by the Department of Physiology found that oxygenation levels and sleep apnoea are the same as in a standard bassinet. Continue reading »

8 expert ideas to get your kids to bed (and keep them there!)

Getting kids to bed

Getting kids into bed doesn’t need to be a drama. Having the right tools can make it a battle free zone. Sure they’ll be hick-ups and regressions, but these 8 expert ideas to get kids to bed will help create a routine; that gets them there, and keeps them there!

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Getting Baby to Sleep – 6 to 12 months

Getting Baby to Sleep - 6-12 Months

How to get your 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 month old baby to sleep through the night is a hot topic of conversation for new parents. But getting baby used to going asleep unassisted from 6 to 12 months, is still the goal here. Getting your baby to sleep right throughout the night will take a lot of commitment on your part! Continue reading »

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