Writers: Tracey Harris

Tracey Harris

Tracy Harris is a registered NZ naturopath and herbalist, and natural health writer, who has both a natural health shop and a natural mother & child store in Auckland.

What will tertiary education cost?

What will tertiary education cost?

Studying beyond school can be a length and expensive process. Obviously the costs are related to a whole host of things – the course you take, the place you study and therefore live, additional course related costs. The chances are you’ll need a student loan to help fund your study to some extent. Continue reading »

Naturopathic sleep for the whole family


Let’s be honest, no one copes with lack of sleep. Children have tantrums and so do parents and, of course, sleep deprivation makes everyone feel out of control, confused, forgetful, tearful and the list goes on. To solve some of these problems, find out more about naturopathic sleep for the whole family. Continue reading »

Respiratory disorders


How bad has this winter been for colds and flus? I have seen countless cases of families suffering with the nasty viruses that have been circulating around the home, schools and kindergartens. Continue reading »

11 natural remedies for common pregnancy problems

11 natural remedies for common pregnancy problems

As a naturopath and herbalist I often get pregnant Mums asking me desperately what homeopathic remedies are safe to take. Especially now that some big-pharma brands have moved into the natural remedies market, not always with the best of intentions. Here’s 11 natural remedies for common pregnancy problems that I’ve come across. Continue reading »

Preconception care


Most people make a decision, or not as the case may be, to become pregnant and begin the process of attempting conception. At this stage people often get distraught if this does not occur within the first few months. They start to take health measures towards a healthier lifestyle and hope that this is enough to improve fertility, achieve a healthy pregnancy and obviously a beautiful bouncing baby. Continue reading »

Post natal depression


As a new mum everything can seem overwhelming and strange. Your life pattern changes and you may adapt very quickly to these new and exciting challenges or for some mums they can feel physical and emotionally exhausted by the whole event. Continue reading »

Immunity building


As with every change of season, our family’s health needs to be maintained to ward off those nasty bugs. Continue reading »

Creating a herb garden


When summer approaches it’s time to get into the garden, drag out those tools, get on the gumboots and do something productive. Kids absolutely love planting their own seeds and why not teach them that what they grow can become their own special medicine. Continue reading »

Fun in the sun the natural way


Summer is a wonderful time of year — lots of sun, fun, sand and barbeques. But we can definitely enjoy fun in the sun the natural way. There are some simple tips and remedies that will help you to remain at optimal health this summer. Continue reading »



You will hear the term “detox” frequently and what does this actually mean? Well in simple terms it a process in which you promote your body’s tissues to release toxic build up that occurs over time. Continue reading »

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