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How Do You Stop a Toddler from Biting

How to stop your toddler from biting

There is no denying the level of emotions that accompany biting. Whether your child is biting or being bitten, the emotions can be intense. If you find yourself thinking how do you stop your toddler from biting, you are not alone! Continue reading »

Toddlers – carefree, risk-taking, naughty little thrill-seekers

Toddlers naughty little thrill-seekers

Ah, the toddler… a fully mobile being with virtually no common sense! With the exception of their afternoon siesta, toddlers can be active all day long! Toddlers are meant to be carefree, risk-taking, thrill-seekers. Continue reading »

Teaching your toddler deep breathing


Ever find yourself in a situation where your toddler is nearing meltdown mode, hyperventilating, panicking, losing all control? Teaching your toddler deep breathing may be the answer. Continue reading »

5 great tips to creating good eating habits in your child


Fussy eating in preschool age children is very common, and a source of great frustration to many parents and caregivers. Picky eating is a really common issue, and it causes concern because we all want to do the best for our children, including knowing that they’re eating well. So here are some of our top tips to overcoming the problem and making mealtimes a breeze.

Continue reading »

Potty training in just one week


Potty training can be a straightforward affair, or a tricky and complicated part of your child’s life – filling you with fear and dread.

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