Writers: Amy McLean

Amy McLean

Amy has two girls under 5 and works in Marketing in the Fitness Industry. Her life experiences have formed the values and ideals she lives by today, and are the backbone of her writing. Amy shares her journey to finding the right work-life balance - if it even exists - through her blog and Facebook page

Teaching your toddler deep breathing


Ever find yourself in a situation where your toddler is nearing meltdown mode, hyperventilating, panicking, losing all control? Teaching your toddler deep breathing may be the answer. Continue reading »

When a baby is not ready for this world [miscarriage]


Dear Mummy and Daddy,

The day you saw that pregnancy test, was a day never to forget. I know you were scared and nervous. So nervous you took a second test just to be sure. But you were excited too. To say over-the-moon is an understatement. I know your hearts began to race as you pictured the new direction your life was heading. You saw a family of three in nine months’ time. You wondered if you would be good parents. Don’t worry Mummy and Daddy, you are. Continue reading »

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