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Edible Paint Recipe

Edible paint

If you’ve ever tried painting with a 12 month old baby, or younger, you’ll know that rather than painting on the paper, most of the paint ends up on your baby – in their hair, on their clothes but mostly in the mouth!

You can buy some ‘safe baby’ paints that are edible, but apart from being expensive, they are still full of nasties. And you could just add some water to corn flour and then throw in some food colourings but that’s hardly tasty for baby is it!!

So why not give this recipe for edible baby paint from our guest blogger Asia Citro – it’s a very easy recipe, doesn’t include any unnatural colours and makes pretty good paint too!

Edible Baby Paint

1/2 cup of dry baby cereal
A little almond milk to thin it out and give it some shine (use water if you are worried about allergies).

And then just add the following to add colour;

Green edible baby paint – handful of spinach using a blender
Purple edible baby paint – handful of squashed blueberries

Submitted by: Asia Citro

edible paint kids

Asia is a stay at home mum who used to be a science teacher and ran her own tutoring business. She strives to engage her children in open-ended play that encourages exploration
and fosters their creativity. She chooses activities and craft ideas that aren’t cost prohibitive, so that anyone could do them at home with their children.


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