Some kids (especially mine) just love dinosaurs, so here is a fun little craft you can make with your kids using recycled cardboard, paint and bubble wrap.

If you don’t have any bubble wrap lying around, you could get a little inventive and investigate what else you have around the house to create dots with. Or just make an excuse to do some online shopping, with something that will arrive wrapped in bubble wrap 😉

Cardboard Dinosaur Craft

You will need
Paint (I used Resene test pot paints in Yowza and Wham)
Bubble Wrap
Dinosaur template
Googly eyes (optional)

What to do
1. Print out and trace your Dinosaur template onto cardboard and then cut out your pieces.

2. Once the outline is cut out, then cut a slit in the body and the legs where it says cut here on the template.

3. Paint all your pieces on both sides in Resene Yowza.


4. In Resene Wham paint a piece of bubble wrap. Make sure you paint it wider that your dinosaur parts.

5. Press all your pieces down hard onto the bubble wrap. Repeat on the other side when it is dry.

Cardboard Dinosaur - Craft bubble wrap

6. When all your cardboard dinosaur pieces are dry, you can either use a split pin to add the arms, or if you don’t have any you could just glue them onto the body.

Cardboard Dinosaur - Craft split pin

7. Push the legs into the slits of the body.

Cardboard Dinosaur - Craft legs

8. Glue on your googly eyes.

Cardboard Dinosaur - Craft eye

9. Finally, on white paper cut out a set of chopping teeth and glue them on (my son asked me to make them cute square baby teeth!)

Cardboard Dinosaur - Craft teeth

After creating this craft my daughter then asked me if I could make her a Cute Fat Unicorn template to make up. So if you would like to make a unicorn click the link below for that template.

Cute Fat Unicorn template

Cardboard Dinosaur - Craft unicorn1

We would love to see your own creations over on our Instagram or Facebook page. For more fun and creative ideas be sure to check out our other craft pages here.

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