Spring is in the air and so are cute little spring chickens and lambs! My kids and I really love going for country walks this time of year, and looking out for all the baby spring animals, butterflies and flowers that pop up during this time.

So today’s craft is inspired by baby chickens (of course!) and the colour of spring flowers. Here is how to make colourful spring chickens using either toilet roll tubes or cardboard tubes.

Cardboard Tube Crafts – Colourful Chicken

You will need:
Cardboard tube
Acrylic paint (we used Resene test pots)
Washi tape (with different designs)
Thick card
2 Pipe cleaners (2 different colours)
Hot glue gun or PVA glue (using a hot glue gun means you won’t have to wait for dry time)
Sequins and glitter (optional)

What to do
1. Grab your tubes and paint them in really bright, fun colours, like these great primary colours from Resene. You can give them 2 coats for a really bright colour pop.

Cardbord Tube Crafts - Colourful Chicken 3

2. While your cardboard tubes are drying twist your pipe cleaners together, to make a swirly design, and cut your pipe cleaner into 4 pieces.

Cardbord Tube Crafts - Colourful Chicken 2

3. Once your tube is dry, you can either use tape to stick the pipe cleaner legs on the inside, or hot glue them on (if your kids are using a hot glue gun make sure to supervise, as the glue can get really hot).

4.Once the legs are attached, pinch the bottom of your cardboard tube, and leave the top round. Now tape 3 pieces of your washi tape around the bottom of the tube. Because I had one really plain tape to work with, I glued on some sequins and glitter dots using PVA glue. I think it actually worked out better!

Cardbord Tube Crafts - Colourful Chicken 5

5. Glue some feathers on each side for the wings. And some at the top for a cute little head-piece.

Cardbord Tube Crafts - Colourful Chicken 11

6. For the beak, cut a small square of card and fold it into a triangle beak shape. Glue this onto the face along with some googly eyes.

Cardbord Tube Crafts - Colourful Chicken 8

I hope you and your children love making this craft. And don’t forget to check out some of our other fun crafts ideas for kids.


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