Toilet Roll craft is so inexpensive and easy to create for all ages. The kids and I spent half a day building toilet roll rocket ships with all the different left over paper we have lying around.

I think I might have been inspired for this one by listening to Elton John’s Rocket Man the other day. I’m really glad we made these though.

The kids were entertained for hours, and the rocket ships are still being used for various space missions around the lounge!

Courtesy: EltonJohnVEVO

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy during the holidays, or out of each other’s hair, then pull out the toilet rolls, some glue, paint and coloured paper and let them go wild.

If you’re doing this with pre-schoolers, it’s a good idea to cut out the different shapes for them to stick on. They’ll need help with making the cone at the top too.

How to make a toilet roll rocket ship

What you need
Toilet rolls
Silver paint (I used Resene So Cool, which is a really great metallic colour)
Coloured card (I used blue and yellow in this project)
Red cellophane for the flames

What to do
1. Paint the toilet roll completely with Resene So Cool, I gave mine 3 coats.

toilet roll rocket ship

2. On the blue card draw a large circle, about 4-5 times larger than your toilet roll circle, and cut this out.

toilet roll jar

3. Now cut a line half way up the blue circle so it can be twisted into a cone shape. Then glue the 2 ends together. Once the toilet roll is dry, glue this to the top of the roll.

blue circle

4. Cut two triangles out of the blue card to make the rocket wings.

5. Create a small crease along one edge of the triangle and glue this edge to the side of the toilet roll.


6. Now cut out 2 small yellow ‘portholes’ and glue these to the front of the rocket ship.

7. Finally, cut out some wavy red cellophane strips and glue these to the inside bottom edge of the toilet roll.

Now all thats left to do is take your rocket ship for it’s maiden voyage to the moon… At at least for a trip around the house.

Now that you know how to make a toilet roll rocket ship, why not try making this paper plate Alien UFO for some more space fun. Also check out some of our other Fun and easy toilet roll craft ideas.

DIY toilet roll rocket ship pin

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