Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate the changing of the seasons with your kids? Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with its colourful leaves and crisp air, and what better way to capture that beauty than with a fun craft project.

Using just a few simple supplies like paper, paint, and straws, your kids can create a stunning autumn tree masterpiece. By using straws to print onto the leaves, this project makes unique and vibrant designs that capture the essence of the season.

This craft project is a great way to encourage creativity, and an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the changing seasons and the natural world around them. You might want to take your kids out for an Autumn walk to look at trees in nature, collect some crispy leaves to collage with, and get some inspiration before you start.

I think your kids will really have a blast creating their autumn trees, and they’ll have a beautiful piece of art to proudly display.

Autumn Tree Art Craft Project
Paint an autumn tree 1
What you’ll need
Resene test pot paint in Red Berry, Copper Fire, Gorse, Daredevil and Dizzy Lizzy
Felt tip pen

What to do

1. On your paper, draw in the base of a tree, including trunk and branches. You can make it look quite whimsical.

Paint an autumn tree 2

2. Cut some small grooves into the bottom of 4 straws, and splay the cut straw open. One for each colour of paint.

Paint an autumn tree 3

3. Dip the end of a straw into the paint and carefully stamp it onto the paper to create the shape of a leaf. Try to press down just once for each leaf, and not move the straw around too much, this creates a nice, sharp image. Repeat the process with different colours and sizes to create a beautiful, vibrant autumn tree. You can see the beautiful Autumn colours we choose below.

Paint an autumn tree 6

This craft is perfect for children of all ages and is an excellent way to develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. And the end result is a unique piece of art they can proudly display at home or even give as a gift.

Paint an autumn tree 7

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