My kids and I spent the evening making Easter-inspired crafts after school. I decided to make an Easter wreath, so then the kids took all the supplies for the Easter wreath and designed their very own, unique Easter mobiles. I love that!

I love seeing how my kids reinterpret my craft ideas using the same materials. In fact, their take on my ideas is sometimes what leads me onto a new craft concept for the next month.

Below is an outline for what I used for my Easter wreath. But this is definitely a craft to be inventive with, especially if you have some interesting natural leaves and flowers that dry well in the garden, try them out.

How to make a Easter Wreath

You will need
Polystyrene ring (You can get these from craft stores such as Spotlight)
Resene test pot paints in Colour Me Pink, Retro, Energy Yellow
Paint brushes
Felt flowers
Little ladybirds (or other garden themed crafting tid-bits)
Polystyrene eggs
Gold glitter
Hair dryer (optional but handy)
Hot glue gun
String for hanging

What to do
1. Paint your Polystyrene ring with Energy Yellow and let dry or dry with the hair dryer.

Easter Reef 1

2. Paint 3 polystyrene eggs in Colour Me Pink and Retro and dry with a hair dryer (I found it easier to paint one half first, let dry, then paint the other half).

Easter Reef 7

3. Paint some glue on to your eggs and then sprinkle on some gold glitter.

Easter Reef 2

4. Choose the pieces you want to display around the ring. I was going for a garden theme, so I chose felt flowers, a collection of pompoms, some ladybirds and some beach grass I had in a vase at home, to go with my painted eggs.

Easter Reef 3

5. Hot Glue all the pieces on, slightly overlapping the larger pieces as you go to hide some of the wreath.

Easter Reef 4

6. Glue a looped piece of string on the back for hanging.

Easter Reef 5

7. Finally hang on your front door, on a bedroom door, or in your favourite spot around the home.

Easter Reef 6

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