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Banana Pops

Banana Pops

Banana Pops have become the new after school treat at our place. One part healthy, one part decadent, our kids just love ’em. Here’s our super-simple Banana Pops recipe.¬† Continue reading »

Sunflower, sesame and pesto crackers

Sunflower, sesame and pesto crackers

Fittingly,¬†Sunflower, sesame and pesto crackers are modified from a recipe on the internet. They sound really unlikely to work, but they do. They have the added advantage of being gluten free, sugar free and dairy free (providing your pesto doesn‚Äôt have parmesan in it) but NOT taste-free! Continue reading »

Oat Pancakes recipe

Oat Pancakes Recipe

Pancakes continue to be the popular choice for ‘special’ breakfasts at our place (birthdays, Father’s Day, etc.). Bagels are pretty popular, and¬†croissants come and go. But the good ol’¬†Oat Pancakes Recipe reigns supreme when it comes to a filling, satisfying and nourishing brekkie! Continue reading »

Sushi sandwich rolls – 7 ways

Sushi sandwich rolls 6 ways

Sushi sandwich rolls are the perfect addition to the bento lunchbox. But forget all that fiddly face-making, shape-cutting madness, and make these sushi rolls instead. They are dead-easy, super-quick, and are sure to brighten up your child’s lunchbox this week! Continue reading »

7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids

Make your own fruit leather recipe

Why is it after a few weeks into the school term the kid’s lunch boxes seem to end up the same every day? If you’re looking to add some variety into your kid’s lunch box, then you’ll appreciate¬†some new, fresh ideas. Here’s 7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids. These should help add some interest to your kid’s lunchbox, and keep the snacking fun! Continue reading »

Apple and pear pancakes recipe


These pancakes are versatile enough to serve a family of four for breakfast, or can be made into smaller pikelets and frozen for lunchbox snacks.
Continue reading »

Delicious nut and honey muesli bars recipe

Nutty bars
These nutty bars are a wonderful snack for kids (and their parents!). I use honey for sweetener, which makes them a little more healthy than some store bought, but still a little decadent. Your kids will love these delicious nut and honey muesli bars!

Continue reading »

Amazeballs – Bliss balls for a healthy treat

Amazeballs bliss balls

Have you¬†hopped on board the bliss balls bandwagon yet?¬† These power-packed¬†little snacks¬†keep you full for ages. They’re packed with healthy fats and protein. And¬†they’re the perfect size for school lunchboxes,¬†or an on-the-go pick me up when out and about. Amazeballs Bliss Balls, the healthy treat.

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Make your own fruit leather

Make your own fruit leather recipe

There’s often lots of gorgeous fruit around in most seasons now,¬†and fruit leather is a good way to make use of any extra fruit – especially if it’s over-ripened. If you have the good fortune to have fruit trees and bushes at your house (or know someone who does!), this simple make your own fruit leather recipe will come in handy. Continue reading »

Snacks for children

snacks for children

Children and snacking is something that many parents worry about. Are my children snacking too much? Is it ok to snack between meals? What sort of food should I be giving as snacks? These are all common concerns but they don’t have to be. Snacking is a normal part of most children’s diet and can provide valuable energy and nutrition. Continue reading »

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