Writers: Julz Darroch

Julz Darroch

Julz Darroch provides education and resources for those who want to get fit and introduce exercise into their lives but aren’t sure where to start- the exercise allergic are her speciality! Julz is also mum to two great kids who help keep her moving. You can find out more on her website.

Fitting in fitness


Often there are not enough hours in day to get everything we have to do for others completed, let alone even contemplating having some time for ourselves for things like fitness and being active. Continue reading »

Five fitness changes for more effective results


Getting consistent and effective results from your fitness schedule is the key to maintaining a good level of fitness over the long term. You may need to make changes to the way you approach working out to become more effective.  Continue reading »

Kids and snacks


There are some alarming reports on childhood obesity and the long-term impact it’s going to have on our kids’ lifespan, health and the nation’s wallet.

It’s easy to think that we are somehow damaging our children in the long-term by some of our food choices.

Just like an hour in the sun is not going to give you skin cancer an irregular dash to a fast food chain for a snack is not going to make your child obese.

All things in moderation is the key.

Continue reading »

Family focused outdoor activities


Combining exercise with family activities has many benefits, and not just to our waistlines and fitness levels. Active kids eat better, sleep better and think better and so do active parents – so get out there and make some summer fun a priority these holidays.

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Bootcamp for beginniners


Welcome to our new series, investigating the latest fitness trends and giving you the inside information on how they suit you.

At the moment there are outdoor group training classes (or ‘bootcamps’) popping up on every field and park; all promising hard work, a no frills attitude, and results. Continue reading »

Walking for fitness


It’s where we start isn’t it?

“Mmmm, I think I’ll start getting fit, I know I’ll go for a walk, it’s free, relatively easy…”

Great Idea!!! Walking allows you to increase your fitness without having to think about equipment and memberships. It is achievable for almost anyone, whether starting with a ten minute stroll or something more challenging. Continue reading »

Exercising in pregnancy

exercise in pregnancy

The general rule is that if you are exercising prior to getting pregnant then you can continue on exercising as you were, adapting as required. If you are a non-exerciser then pregnancy is not the right time to start a vigorous new get fit regime but regular and gentle sessions will be of benefit to you.  Continue reading »

Worried about your child’s weight?


Every day we see articles and reports on the growing impact of obesity on our nation’s children, it’s scary stuff. Overweight kids often lead to obese adults, at risk of a shortened life due to weight related diseases and illnesses. Continue reading »

Snack attack!


It goes a little something like this:

Start with a great breakfast, chase kids ’til lunch, grab something quick to eat, kids again through til 4 when hunger over takes and you grab some biscuits or a cake.

Then by the time dinner hits, you’re too hungry to cook, so have takeaways or the contents of the fridge. Continue reading »

Keeping fit at Christmas


It’s not fair, you set out on a plan to get yourself in shape and keep on track pretty well then…

The Silly Season, with weeks of temptations put in front of us at every turn and social events and end of year kids’ functions that keep us away from exercising and our well-laid eating plans.

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