Why is it after a few weeks into the school term the kid’s lunch boxes seem to end up the same every day? If you’re looking to add some variety into your kid’s lunch box, then you’ll appreciate some new, fresh ideas. Here’s 7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids. These should help add some interest to your kid’s lunchbox, and keep the snacking fun!

The best thing about these lunch box snack ideas is that they cunningly hide all sorts of fruit, veg, nutrients and antioxidants in them. Not only will these ideas full up the bellies of your little ones, but they’ll provide lots of vitamins, nutrients and healthy energy too. You can be sure this will help towards your children’s 5 plus a day quota. You’ll find that most of these ideas even suit the fussiest of eaters too.

Now that your snack-making prowess is on the rise, you may also want to think about upgrading your kid’s lunch box. Afterall, you can’t very well have them take their dairy-free coconut yoghurt to school in a ziplock bag… If you’re in the market for a funky new lunchbox to store some of these sweet snacks in, check out our New Zealand lunch boxes review wrap up.

7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids

Avocado-chocolate bliss balls

Avocado chocolate bliss balls

We LOVE bliss balls at our place. They’re just the perfect guilt free snack.

They go great in lunch boxes, for taking out on roadtrips and to keep the kids’ hunger pangs at bay before dinner. They’re sweet and delicious and, although they should be thought of as a treat, they’re actually a really healthy snack. So this is a great, guilt-free option for the kids lunch boxes. If your kids love ‘treats’ in their lunch box as much as ours do, you can pop in a bliss ball, cure that sweet-tooth craving, and know they’re getting a few nutrients at the same time.

Avocado-chocolate bliss balls.

Delicious nut and honey muesli bars

Nutty bars

These nutty bars are a wonderful snack for kids (and their parents!). Sesame seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), dried cranberries or apricots can be added for variety. Egg white is used to bind the mixture, and this makes a very light, and chewy nut bar, which kids just love.

A single batch goes a long way too. You get about a dozen or more bars per batch. I keep them in the freezer, and pull out 6 at a time to store in the fridge for the week. When you think that a box of muesli bars usually only has 6 in it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start making these ages ago!

Delicious nut and honey muesli bars recipe.

Easy cheese scones


Whenever we run out of bread, or we’re at the end of the shopping week, these are our go-to lunch option.

If I’m making them myself, they only take me around 20 minutes from starting to serving, including clean up time. If I’m making them with the kids, they take a little bit longer! But I love making scones with the kids. It’s the perfect recipe for little hands to get messy with. And I find kids really like to eat food they’ve been involved in the making of.

These easy cheese scones are a great lunch box addition too. Sure, your kids won’t be able to eat them warm at school. But they’re just as nice cold with butter. Try adding ham, or marmite, too.

Easy cheese scones.

Fruit leather

Make your own fruit leather recipe

The great thing about fruit leather is that you can hide all manner of fruit and veggies inside the mixture. It’s really up to you what fruit (or vegetables) you choose to make your leather and almost anything will work. This is a great way to get your kids’ 5 plus a day of fruit and veggie in; even for the fussiest of eaters.

Fruit leather is a really handy snack to have on hand. It will store for a couple of weeks, just wrap it in plastic wrap, or roll it up in slices in baking paper, and store in a sealed container. Because it lasts for ages, and doesn’t take up much room, it makes an excellent snack for kindy and school. The best thing is, your fruit leather won’t have any additives or preservatives in them!

Make your own fruit leather.

Breakfast oat cups

breakfast oat cups

Ok so these have to be one of the greatest and easiest recipe ideas around.

They really are so quick to make and can be eaten at any time of the day. My little miss 3 loves to have them as a healthy afternoon snack after kindy. It’s such a great nutritious treat which I don’t feel at all guilty about giving her. Healthy, nutritious, cheap and easy, it’s a win-win-win!

They’re also fantastic as a lunch box idea.

Breakfast oat cups.

Dairy-free coconut yoghurt

How to make diary free coconut yoghurt

Coconut yoghurt is a great dairy-free yoghurt replacement. It’s creamier than regular yoghurt, although doesn’t go as thick.

There’s only 3 ingredients, plus whatever fruit you want to include in the yoghurt. The probiotics are going to do wondrous things to you and your children’s tummys, immune systems, and overall health. And this yoghurt is both dairy-free and has only a small amount of sugar. This is a HUGE improvement on those sickly-sweet big brand kid’s yoghurt you buy from the supermarket.

You can even buy pouches now to put the yoghurt in, that are perfect for keeping your kid’s lunchbox cool too.

How to make dairy-free coconut yoghurt.

Mini bacon and egg toast cups

mini bacon and egg toast cups

These have to be one of the easiest recipes to whip up for the family. Mini bacon and egg toast cups can be eaten hot, or cold, so they’re great to put in school lunches.

We also make them up for other snack times like family picnics, or light meals while on the road. As they’re basically made of bread, cheese, bacon and eggs, you’ll find these appeal to picky eaters. And they’re super-filling too. Just 1 or 2 in a lunchbox will full up a belly for a few hours, and they make a nice alternative to ham and cheese sarnies!

Mini bacon and egg toast cups.

More great snack ideas

That’s our 7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids all wrapped up then. I hope you find some of these recipes to be a new, great addition to your kids lunch box.

You’ll find more great lunch box ideas in our baking section. You may also be interested in our New Zealand lunch box reviews wrap up too.

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