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5 Alcohol free birthday party ideas for 15 to 16 year olds

party ideas for 15 16 year old girls

Oh the minefield of teen birthday parties…

You’ll walk a tightrope trying to satisfy your teen they’re doing something ‘seriously cool’, while satisfying yourself that it’s within the realms of possibility, budget and family rules.

Having worked your way through 15 or 16 birthday parties by now, you’ll be getting pretty good at negotiating and planning teen birthday parties. It’s these teen years you’ll find the hardest to satisfy everyone, but here’s some party ideas that may just help.

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17 must-know tips to negotiating teen birthdays

teen birthday parties

We have thrown some cracker birthday parties over my teen’s 15 year existence and hosting them is a lot of fun albeit kinda chaotic and exhausting! Continue reading »

5 great birthday ideas for toddlers and preschoolers


This month, we are going birthday crazy at Footsteps to celebrate the launch of ‘Footsteps Birthday Celebrations.’ We are holding a birthday celebration every day of the year through the Footsteps Foundation for the pre-school children we support in partnership with Child, Youth and Family.  By creating a unique and personalised celebration, our home-based early childhood teachers will reinforce to each child how unique and special they are. Continue reading »

Simple birthday parties, lasting memories


Ever wonder what to do for your child’s birthday party? Do you feel pressured to keep up with the latest party trend? Maybe your children expect bigger and better parties each year while you’re struggling to cope? Here are some children’s birthday party ideas that will save your sanity and won’t blow your budget.

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Creative party themes


My girls are quite creative, I guess they take after their mum in that respect.  They both love to colour, but my youngest has recently taken a real liking to freehand painting as well as collage.  My older daughter is starting to show her creative side in food.  She loves to cook for us and it’s a great way for her to experiment with new ingredients and flavours too.  They’ve both been fortunate enough to take part in an art extension class at school which has taught them lots of fantastic skills. Continue reading »

Healthy birthday party options

Strawberry Jelly Cups

I will always remember being invited to a party when I was probably 8 or 9 and to my horror they served up only healthy food.  I probably went to loads of parties at that age but that is the only one I remember, probably because of the food.  Continue reading »

Party themes for kids


This is a complete guide to children’s birthday party themes. Tie your theme into every aspect of the day, for a birthday party your child will never forget. Continue reading »

Vegetarian party food


Vegetarian party food is fun, delicious, and easy to prepare. Here are some great recipes and tips for delicious vegetarian party food. Continue reading »

Picnic party food for outdoor parties

Picnic party food for outdoors

If you have a child born in Spring or Summer and are thinking about a birthday party outdoors, then these picnic party food ideas are just what you need to make the picnic a success. Stress free party food. Continue reading »

Birthday party drink ideas for kids

Birthday part drink ideas for kids

Drinks are a special part of any kids’ birthday party or Christmas table. It just takes some great ideas and drink recipes to serve something other than fizzy drink in plastic cups.

You can choose (or serve) your drinks to match the theme of your party, or simply pick a few easy options so that your guests have a choice. Here are some great kids’ party drink ideas and recipes to get you started. Continue reading »

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