Writers: Karyn Riley

Karyn Riley

Karyn Riley is a time management and life balance coach, author of “How to Keep the YOU in Mum”, inspirational speaker, writer and mother of two. For more information see www.rileylife.co.nz

How to talk and listen to your kids


“You don’t understand!” “You never let me…” “It’s not fair!” “I hate you!”… These and other hurtful words are often heard by parents from angry, upset children, resulting in retaliation, shouting and angry escalation in both adults and children. Continue reading »

What’s the rush?

What's the rush?

Are you too busy – spending your days rushing from one activity to another? Do you feel pressured to live up to other’s expectations – or your own self-imposed standards? Would you like to step off the ‘wheel’, find breathing space and simplify your life?  Continue reading »

3 steps to rediscovering yourself – How to Keep the U in Mum

how to keep the you in mum

As many mothers know, one of the most significant questions you will face as an expectant parent is: “How will having a baby change my life?” Continue reading »

Maintaining healthy relationships after having children


Some couples say having a baby strengthens their relationship and brings them closer together. Yet many parents struggle with maintaining healthy relationships after having children. Here are some thoughts about how time-poor, sleep-deprived parents can keep their relationships alive and connected. Continue reading »

Create and live your best life

Create and live your best life

Are you rushed off your feet? Tired, exhausted and overwhelmed from the demands of everyday life? Lacking in confidence and motivation to overcome procrastination, other people’s opinions, negative self-talk and a lack of self-belief? Here are some ideas for how you can create your ideal life, starting today. Continue reading »

Women Returning To Work

Women returning to work

Tough economic times have led to increasing numbers of women returning to work after having children, often sooner than they would like, simply to make ends meet. Staying at home to raise children is viewed increasingly as an unaffordable luxury. This can place additional stress, pressure and guilt on women, their relationships and families.  Continue reading »

How to be a FUN Mum!

how to be a fun mum

Much is said about the challenges and stress of parenthood. However, there is little emphasis placed on the joy of being a mother, celebrating who you are as a woman and including fun in our daily lives. Continue reading »

How to get motivated


What are you putting up with in your life right now? Is your ‘to do list’ so overwhelming you don’t know where to begin or so intimidating that it’s holding you back? What thoughts and activities are draining your time, energy and motivation? Parent educator and author Karyn Riley looks at ways to regain motivation and achieve more by focusing on less.

Continue reading »

More than just a mum…


Becoming a mother can be like being on a roller-coaster, with many ups, downs and bumps along the way. Parenting provides little respite. New mums often discover time for themselves becomes lost in the unending responsibilities of parenthood. We find ourselves immersed in our numerous roles and responsibilities, and many of us forget the importance of retaining our own identity and maintaining our health and well-being.

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Simple birthday parties, lasting memories


Ever wonder what to do for your child’s birthday party? Do you feel pressured to keep up with the latest party trend? Maybe your children expect bigger and better parties each year while you’re struggling to cope? Here are some children’s birthday party ideas that will save your sanity and won’t blow your budget.

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