Drinks are a special part of any kids’ birthday party or Christmas table. It just takes some great ideas and drink recipes to serve something other than fizzy drink in plastic cups.

You can choose (or serve) your drinks to match the theme of your party, or simply pick a few easy options so that your guests have a choice. Here are some great kids’ party drink ideas and recipes to get you started.

Fruit Punch

There are countless recipes available for fruit punch, but really you can add whatever takes your fancy, and adjust the quantities depending on how many children will be at the party. For a standard fruit punch that everyone will enjoy, mix together a bottle of Orange Juice, a bottle of Lemonade, a bottle of Ginger Ale and a teapot full of cold tea.

For something different, scoop out the inside of a large watermelon and use it as your punch bowl. It’s super easy to make, and your guests will think you’re so clever!




Teenagers will love the idea of having a fancy cocktail – without the alcohol of course! The easiest mock-tail to make is a simple fruit cocktail using Sparkling Grape Juice and either canned or fresh fruit. Simply place a piece of fruit in the bottom of the glass, and pour the sparkling grape juice over the top. Canned peaches and apricots are really nice, or use a fresh strawberry when they are in season.

To make it extra special, dip the rim of the wine glass into lemon juice, then into castor sugar. Not only does it add a sweet bite, it looks great.

Ice Cream Sodas

Ice Cream Sodas (or “Spiders” as they are called in our house) are always popular, especially if they are served in an extra tall glass with a straw and a spoon. Simply put a scoop or two of ice cream in the bottom of the glass, and pour fizzy drink over the top. The fizzy expands really quickly, so make sure you pour it slowly to avoid an overflow.

You can use any flavoured ice cream and fizzy drink to make the soda, but keep in mind that the flavours will combine. It’s safest to use vanilla ice cream with a fizzy flavour of your choice, or try flavoured ice cream with lemonade.


Good old fashioned milkshakes are fun, and if you buy some paper milkshake cups from your local dairy, you can make it really authentic. Simply blend together a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, milk, and milkshake flavouring, then pour into the cups to serve. Make sure you include a straw.

Yoghurt Smoothies

Older children enjoy yoghurt smoothies, and you can make it a real part of the party by having them choose their own fruits to add to the mix. Put a cup of plain yoghurt in the blender, along with ¼ cup of milk, and a handful of whatever fruits they choose. Blend for approximately 45 seconds and it’s ready to drink.

Some great fruits to have on offer include fresh or frozen berries, fresh or canned peaches, apricots or pineapples, and of course bananas.

Freshly Squeezed Juice

We are lucky enough to have a juicer and my children’s friends love being able to squeeze their own juice, and drink it as soon as it touches the cup. If you don’t have a juicer, why not cut up some citrus and make juice the old fashioned way. For many children, the novelty of making their own juice will be the highlight of the party.

Iced Chocolate Drink

Kids' party drink ideas
To make the tastiest, most-over-the-top iced chocolate, dribble chocolate ice cream topping into a tall glass, so that the topping sticks to the sides.

Make up a chocolate milkshake using milkshake powder or syrup, and pour it carefully into the glass, stopping about 4 cm from the top. Add some ice cubes, and then put a big dollop of whipped cream on top (or squirt on dairy whip from a can). Sprinkle with chocolate hail, and poke a chocolate bar into the cream.

Choco-holic delight!

Hot Chocolate Drink

For the richest, most delicious hot chocolate, make Milo with hot milk and top it with a dollop of whipped cream, a chocolate fish and some marshmallows. The best sleep-over drink ever.

Fake Fizzy Drink

If traditional fizzy drink has too much sugar and colourings for your liking, try making fake fizzy for your child’s birthday party by mixing fruit juice with carbonated water. They’ll hardly know the difference and it’s better for them.

Serving Ideas

It’s easy to make ordinary drinks extra-ordinary by serving them in a special way. Here are some great ideas to get you thinking.

  • Freeze edible flowers like nasturtiums into ice cubes and have them floating in the punch bowl or glasses. If you have a theme for your party you can freeze items which match the theme. (Plastic flies are great for Fear Factor). To avoid any potential choking, don’t serve these types of ice cubes to really young children, and make sure everyone is aware that there are items in the ice cubes as they melt.
  • Rather than serving the drinks in ordinary glasses, serve them in something a little different. You could use wine glasses, milkshake cups, tea cups with saucers, or personalise each glass with glass paints. Glass paints are available from all good craft stores for approximately $4.50 a jar.
  • Decorate up each drink by adding twisty straws, cocktail umbrellas, and fancy embellishments. If the decorations are over-the-top, the children will drink what ever you give them.

Bottoms Up!

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i made a drink i named called the doctoraid, it has 3 kinds of kooilaid and sugar and doctorpepper i just mixed it and it turned out great!!


i wance made a very good drink i named called the aiddocter i had some docterpepper and 2 blue koolaids and 1 pink, i had also 2 cups of sugar in my koolaid i just mixed it and it was brilliant.


That is quite helpful seeing as i was wondering what drinks to serve for my 10yr old girl and her friends,  i was thinking of orange squash personally!

Rochelle Gribble

Glad you liked them, Lucy… did you end up making any of them? 



Kelly L Curtis

no milk

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