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5 ways families can battle seasonal affective disorder this Winter

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Let’s talk about SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. This commonly-recurring mental illness rears its ugly head seasonally, and affects 10% of the New Zealand population. Continue reading »

Celebrating parenting in challenging circumstances


The first parent I think of celebrating is the widow of the black man, Philando Castile, murdered by an American policeman when pulled over for a broken tail light a little while ago. Continue reading »

How can I keep my children safe… from me?


I was ready to be a mother at the age of four, it was 1978. Continue reading »



ThroughBlue is a Wellington based support group for women with experience of depression.  It has been running for the last 12 years and is a registered charity.  The group runs every Friday from 12.30-2.30 and is facilitated by two counsellors.  Continue reading »

My daughter is ill and it’s killing me…


My heart died a little bit when my daughter got ill and my arms could not comfort her. When she looked at the light, and turned towards the darkness and ran. Continue reading »

How can I help my child be more positive?


Hi Jen,

I have a nine-year-old boy who is very pessimistic and has developed a real talent for spotting problems. Even though we are very fortunate in our lives, he will usually find a reason to feel hard done by, complain and be unhappy. I try to be upbeat and positive but in truth I can be little pessimistic too. Is pessimism in our genes or can we learn to look on the bright side more easily? How can I help my children be more positive? 

Amanda Continue reading »

School support for depressed teenagers

School support for depressed teenagers

It’s sometimes a big shock to find your moody, irritable teenager, who’s behind in all their assignment work is, in fact, depressed. I’ve found depressed students in a school setting are often described as lazy and appear to lack motivation. Find out more about school support for depressed teenagers. Continue reading »



I wanted to originally research and write an article on cognition as well as memory, but on closer inspection found that memory is such a huge topic in its own right, and this is one area I know that many of us would like to improve. Continue reading »

Fighting depression with exercise

footsteps 02

‘Living Green’ means looking after ourselves as well as our planet, and this means taking care of our bodies and our minds. Most of us experience being ‘down’ at some point in our lives; in fact one in 5 women experiences a diagnosed episode of depression in their lives (when it comes to the boys, the figures are one in 10).

Continue reading »

Getting help with your baby


A lot of parents get to a stage where they are not coping well, they are struggling to stay afloat. They may feel at breaking point. Post Natal Depression, or any number of things along that line is a debilitating place to be. PND is best treated by the professionals and appropriate support. But sometimes just asking for help and getting the support you need will be enough to start to see the light.

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