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Jennifer Pollard

Jennifer Pollard (aka The Kids Coach) is an energetic and dedicated coach and the mother of two beautifully boisterous boys. Her unique, engaging and fun approach to helping children and families develop the mindsets, skill sets and tools they need to thrive has established her reputation as a sought-after coach, speaker and author.

Why is this strategy backfiring: Dealing with anger

dealing with anger

Hi Jen,

I was wondering if you had some advice that could help us.   We have been looking for a good way to help our son release his anger without damaging property or hurting anyone.  We thought that getting him to punch a pillow or soft toy might help but we’ve noticed that when he does this it seems to keep his anger going rather get it out. We were under the impressions that this was a pretty common and effective strategy. Could you explain why this is backfiring and suggest something that may be more helpful for him?

Thanks heaps in advance,

Kim and Nate Continue reading »

8 bedwetting management tips for older kids

soiling and bedwetting in children

Miss L is 7 and continually soils her undies (heavy skid marks) and once at the local pools, pooed her togs. We thought this was because she was lazy and didn’t want to leave the fun to go to the toilet. We considered that this might be the case also with the skid marks in her pants as she often doesn’t eat her lunch at school in favour of playing. However, nothing we seem to be doing to discourage her is working and I am wondering if there is a deeper issue here. She also wets her bed at night. Continue reading »

How can I help my child be more positive?


Hi Jen,

I have a nine-year-old boy who is very pessimistic and has developed a real talent for spotting problems. Even though we are very fortunate in our lives, he will usually find a reason to feel hard done by, complain and be unhappy. I try to be upbeat and positive but in truth I can be little pessimistic too. Is pessimism in our genes or can we learn to look on the bright side more easily? How can I help my children be more positive? 

Amanda Continue reading »

Helping your child deal with anger

Helping your child deal with anger

My eight year old daughter has been having a really tough time handling her emotions lately, particularly anger.   She has always been a sensitive girl and somewhat reactive but she seems to be finding it harder and harder to manage her temper. We have investigated specific causes for her anger and nothing has turned up. Do you have any tips for helping her manage her anger?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Treena (Mum of three – 4, 8 & 11) Continue reading »

Dealing with stranger danger

stranger danger

“There has been a lot of talk online about child abduction and stranger danger lately and I am starting to feel really anxious about my children’s safety. I want them to be aware of the dangers out there but am not sure how to approach the topic without scaring them. Do you have any suggestions?” Jodi (mum of two 6 & 9) Continue reading »

What every parent ought to know about Digital Overload

digital overload

The impact of rapidly advancing digital technologies on our families and children is something that is beginning to be analysed and questioned more and more as technology creeps into greater areas of our lives and time. Continue reading »

Tips for ‘those’ days!

Tips for 'those' days

Modern life, for many families, can be a bit like living in the fast lane.   We simultaneously pursue careers, raise children and continue our personal or professional development through study, charity work or hobby businesses. All the while, managing busy households, ensuring our children are involved in after school activities and are keeping up academically.   Continue reading »

Eight keys to unleashing your own creative genius!

unleashing your creative genius

I’ve always longed to discover and ignite the spark of my creativity in some dramatic fashion. Here are eight keys to help you get out of your own way and unleash your own creative genius! Continue reading »

A six-step plan to setting February Resolutions that stick!

February resolutions

Ready or not, the blissful chaos and flexible routines of summer have come to an end.  And with the kids back at school, now is the perfect time to set those resolutions that you were just too busy relaxing and enjoying the sunshine to make in January. Continue reading »

Maintaining balance at Christmas

Maintaining balance during the Christmas season

Growing up in the States, the holidays were always celebrated with as much extravagance as we could muster.  Sometimes that was a lot and sometimes just a little but it was always an occasion to be remembered.  As a result, I absolutely love the festive season!  The magic, the traditions, the sense of celebration and the bringing together of family and friends, every little bit of it!   Well almost … Continue reading »

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