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The Wonderful Journey of Starting Up – Side Hustle Series

The Nail Snail-Kiwi Families

Julia Christie outlines the wonderful journey of starting a new business idea from scratch in the first of our Side Hustle Series. Find out what it really takes to grow a great business while growing a great family. And get simple tips from real people, to inspire you and help you write your own success story.

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Spend, Save, Share Jars – Money Skills for Kids

Spend, Save, Share Jars - Money Skills for Kids

Teaching your kids money skills from a young age could be the difference between them living on a money treadmill, and living a life of abundance. The spend, save, share jars concept has to be the best system I know for teaching young children money management. Continue reading »

Become a host family – share New Zealand with the world

Host Families NZ

Learning about a new culture through hosting an international homestay can be a very rewarding experience, helping to enable people to understand other languages, food and customs. Find out all about how to become a host family and share New Zealand with the world. Continue reading »

What type of insurance does your family need?


Getting your insurance sorted can feel a bit like decluttering your home; you don’t usually feel like it, but once you’ve done it, you feel a calm sense of satisfaction, knowing something important’s been accomplished. But just what type of insurance does your family need? Continue reading »

How to buy your kids an apartment for just $25 a week

Invest apartment for kids

With real estate prices absolutely soaring, and the average house price crashing through the $600k mark, the dream of our kids one day owning their own homes is fast evaporating. But our kids are young, very young, and they have that magic ingredient called ‘time’ on their side. Here’s how we’re using time to buy our kids an apartment for just $25 a week. Continue reading »

Why the government may owe you $479, and how to get it back

tax refund new zealand

Does the government owe you $479?

We know you love paying taxes about as much as changing your 2 year old’s diaper, after a massive poonami! Or, about as much as standing on the sidelines of a ripper rugby game in a wet, cold southerly, watching your 6 year old run around in circles, and occasionally stop to inspect a daisy… 🙂 Continue reading »

How we used online tools to save $57,653

How we used online tools to save

In this article you’re going to find out exactly how we used online tools to save $57,653. I’ve worked in the consumer information industry for more than 15 years, so these online tools are second nature to me. And I think most people will be familiar with some of them, but I doubt everyone uses all of them. Which is kind of crazy!

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Work-life balance – the El Dorado of our modern time


I’ll remember this conversation for the rest of my life. Some conversations are just like that.

It was exactly a week after I made the brave decision to seek better work-life balance, quit my job, work from home and be closer to my kids. I’d just broken the news to my team and work colleagues by email. Continue reading »

The three most important investments a family can make


When you think about how passionate you are about your family, ask yourself this question: “What are the three most important investments you could make for your family?”  Would it be things like buying a house, buying health insurance or maybe setting up an emergency fund? All of those things matter but don’t have any meaning unless you have good health, good relationships and a good education. Continue reading »

The importance of wearing the (under)pants.

The importance of wearing the (under)pants

Four years ago, I discovered a pile of unopened utility bills on my husband’s desk. They were buried under a pile of sweet wrappers, junk mail and cat food samples. As a SAHM I decided enough was enough –it was time for me to take over the family finances, a decision my husband would live to regret. Continue reading »

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