Writers: Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Nat describes herself as a "hectic but happy" work-from-home mum of 3. When she’s not busy with the kids, she spends her time interviewing people for one of her two podcasts, facilitating Networking events and Biz Coffee Groups for Women in Business with her business Go to Girl Social Media and Networking.

New year, new roles


After 9 years of me being the “primary caregiver”, hubby and I are now swapping roles! It’s definitely a new beginning and a new chapter for us. Continue reading »

5 things I wish I’d been told about starting my own business

starting my own business

It’s tricky, the whole ‘going back to work’ thing after or amidst your kids early years.  I actually looked on Seek for a few jobs before listening to my husband’s advice about tapping into my talents and starting up my own business.  “Who’s going to pay for Networking tips?”  I thought to myself, but I started slowly by running Biz Coffee Groups in my lounge and then I added Social Media workshops (that I ran in local cafes) and before I knew it Go to Girl was going off! Continue reading »

Special Outings and the Birthday book – connecting with your children

Connecting with your children

When we had baby #2, hubby and I fell into the pattern of ‘tagging in and out’ with the kids to GTD (get things done) or have some ‘me’ time.  The trouble with this we found, is that we missed out on that special one-on-one time.   I wanted to have real ‘quality’ or ‘making memories’ time with my kids so we re-ignited a family tradition that I grew up with that I like to call: ‘Special Outings’. These are a great way to keep connecting with your children and build your special bond.  Continue reading »

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